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DIY Ideas for Wood Pallet Beds

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Pallet wood is a raw material that can be found in abundance. You can play with your creative instincts in numerous ways, creating projects that can serve multiple purposes. The area of usage of pallet wood has grown wider by each passing day. It is used in the furniture industry in infinite ways. It is found that we spend about one-third of our lives in our bedrooms. Here we will talk about the DIY ideas of using pallet wood in bringing uniqueness in your bedroom, but still saving money. You may build a new bed, or only a headboard, a side table or any other thing complementing your boudoir.

DIY Ideas for Wood Pallet Beds

This is the simplest, easiest, yet classy DIY pallet wood bed. The entire bed has been built by joining pallets.For the headboard, pallets are nailed firm in the wall. The pallet wood is left in its natural look without any polish or color. A pallet chair and table is complementing the entire look.cute pallet bed

This is another bed entirely made of pallet wood. Height of the bed has been increased by adding more pallets at the base. However, the headboard has been made by horizontal pallet arrangement. The white paint is giving a calm, ethereal and heavenly feel to the room.  giant pallet bed

This pallet wood bed is suitable for smaller spaces and your guest rooms. it gives a utility of an added step to your bed and the provision of a side table on one side. The height of headboard is also perfect. The wooden boxes adds to the storage space.pallet bed idea

This Pallet wood bed is excellent for the home where there is need for storage space to organize all the mess and fuss in a decent and neat manner. The colour of wood is in contrast with the theme of curtain and wall. The drawers and racks

wood pallet bed planIf you have a little bit of extended wood crafting skills, then you can opt for such a pallet wood bed project as below. It is a good choice if you are a person who prefer strength. Head board is nailed a bit crooked to add comfort and design. Side tables are making whole some in all aspects.

pallet bed frame

This beautiful Pallet wood couch cum bed is ideal for your patio or terrace. Pallet wood gives you freedom of creating furniture pieces adaptable to any of your outdoor/indoor needs. The bent headboard adds to the comfort element.pallet bed plan

This DIY pallet wood bed project will be the most favorite of yours and will surely be a jaw dropping sight for your guests. This under-lit pallet wood bed will give your bedroom a wonderful and fairy tale kind of look.  The head is made comfy with cushions instead of wood. pallet bed with under lights

If you are crafty enough you can opt for such a pallet wood bed project as shown below. This bed has been built by recycling pallet wood and dismantling it. However, the rustic look has been kept intact. A dash of blue in the design breaks the monotony of single wood colour.recycled pallet bed

If you want to opt for a design which is different from the common pallet wood bed designs then this will be the best. Pallet wood has been used in the head and foot board of this bed. A bit of Graphite Grey and Red colour has been added for beauty.recycled wood pallet bed idea

This platform DIY pallet wood bed is nice and cmfy. If you have a thick mattress and you do not need a high bed, then its a perfect choice to build. You can keep the height low and eliminate the concept of foot board, extending it more outwards for an extra multi purpose space, that can be used as a table or a seat. recycled wood pallet bed

Here is another under-lit pallet wood bed, simple yet wonderful. This fantastic and neatly painted bed will give your bedroom a neat and simple look, breaking the norm of using a lot of designs, patterns and textures. You can choose the colour of light as per your colour scheme. repurposed pallet bed

This single bed is best for a teenage student or a bachelor. this stand alone bed needs no wall for support. Its large head board provides complete support and comfort. The height of the bed is reasonable and the look is kept natural.   repurposed wood pallet bed

This platform pallet wood bed is simple yet elegant for any kind of bedroom. Its simple and easy to build. This can be a quick fix DIY project if you are in a hurry to decorate your home. White is always recommended if you want a calm and neat atmosphere. wood pallet recycled bed

How can we forget your little one for giving you unique and inspirational ideas of pallet wood furniture. You may re-create cute pallet beds and cots for your toddler out of pallet wood. this beautiful little bed beside the window is perfect for your little one.wood pallet bunk bed

This DIY pallet wood bed is always our favorite. Its simple in design yet have solid impact on your bedroom environment. The wooden pallets are dismantled and re used in vertical design and the same design runs all the way in headboard, sides and foot board of the bed. big pallet bed

You may build this simple DIY pallet wood bed if you are an easy going person. The white walls are having awesome impact with the natural wood colour and texture of the bed. The base of the bed has been extended to the foot to provide space for keeping a few of your essential belongings.wood pallet bed

Here is another DIY Pallet wood idea for your young one. Its safe and you may add a side board with the bed to avoid your child from falling on the floor. Wheels nailed in the base gives you utility to move the bed wherever you want.

pallet bed bunk bed

This teenager siblings bedroom has perfect pallet wood beds. these two single beds are ideal blend of horizontal and vertical designs. the headboard is nailed in vertical pallets and the foot board has been assembled in horizontal style, breaking the rule of similar lines.

double pallet beds

wood pallet upcycled bed

wood pallet upcycled bed


simple rustic pallet bed

pallet bed with headboard