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Creative Ideas with Bamboo

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We all love natural elements of nature. Its that special bond that we share with the objects of nature. In this modern era, we still feel calm and soothed in the natural environment and surroundings. Hence, it is mostly recommended by the Interior Designers to incorporate and decorate a home with natural elements. Wood is a popular source of home decor and furniture items, but with its growing need, the natural balance has been disturbed. So, to look for alternatives we have bamboos which are excellent replacement of wood, have soft and durable appearance. They also grow fast and can be attained easily. We have collected for you some awesome home decor ideas using this Panda’s favorite food. Let’s take a look!

Creative Ideas with Bamboo

This awesome bamboo bar will prove to be a big and interesting addition to your patio, beside the pool. It has tropical theme and the straw roof will add beauty to your bamboo bar. The whole installation is giving you a rustic beach side bar feel. The four bigger polls should be strong enough to carry the weight of the roof.

bamboo bar idea


bamboo bar project

What on earth can’t be created using bamboos. Here we have this exotic bamboo bed idea. It is strong and durable. It may seem a bit heavy but, bamboo look thick and heavy, otherwise it is a light material. The bed has simple yet elegant design and is perfect with the bold side tables.

bamboo bed idea


bamboo bed project

We all love to have a comfortable space to enjoy the soft evening breeze or the morning sunshine right from our patio. Bamboos are best material to build patio furniture. This beautifully designed bamboo patio bed is awesome and strong. You can add upholstery to it to make it more comfortable and no doubt, it can also be used indoor.

Bamboo Bedroom Furniture

This nice and easy bamboo patio couch is bold in character yet lighter in weight. This can be used in your outdoor sitting, as well as indoor lounge. You may add upholstery to it, if you are interested to put it inside your home.

bamboo bench idea


bamboo bench plan

Bamboo candle stands are very popular, simple yet very elegant. The beauty of these candle stands are in their simplicity. They naturally have soothing and calming effect on your surrounding. You can adorn any corner of your home with these, however, they are best suitable for your your personal spa or bathroom.

Bamboo candles

You will surely fall in love with this beautiful patio area, all set up with the bamboos. and rustic wooden outdoor furniture. The impact is simply jaw dropping. The patio have two bamboo pergolas and planter are all lined up using bamboos. The fencing wall is also made up of bamboos for privacy in the patio.

bamboo deck pergola


bamboo decorating candles

These huge bamboo floor lamps are best to lit up the dullest of your home’s corners and rooms. They will surely add an attractive and interesting natural element to your place. The bamboos are sliced up and then nailed in various shapes. You can choose any shape going with your interior decor theme.

bamboo floor lamp

This awesome and rustic bamboo recliner chair for the patio is going to be your favorite. You will love its simplicity and the antique rustic character it bears. The foot rest can be folded under the chair and it can be used as a simple patio chair. However, for ease you can take foot rest out.

bamboo furnitue plan

This awesome and simple bamboo garden fountain or spring will adorn your garden. It is simple and unique. The fountain’s design is closer to nature and gives nice impact while raining. It is small yet you will enjoy the splashing and tickling sound of water.

bamboo garden art

Bamboos are best material to build garden fence. This nice and bold garden fence built with bamboos is bold and secure. The iron frame in which bamboos are fixed make it far more durable and strong. It seems more neat and organized.

bamboo garden fence


bamboo garden fencing

If you are willing to decorate your small balcony, porch or doorway then try this awesome bamboo planter setting. It is a small garden in itself. The hanging big bamboos are used as planters on wall. However, other small and bigger plants are planted in the bamboo boundary.

bamboo garden planter idea

You will surely fall in love with this unique and interesting bamboo furniture design idea. It is awesome and durable. Just collect and tie the bamboos up. Cut them from the center to form sitting space and there you have an awesome patio couch.

bamboo garden seating idea

If you are thinking about surprising your spouse with a romantic gift, then stop thinking and start working on this awesome bamboo gazebo project. Your spouse will be lovingly surprised. This gazebo will surely let you both enjoy romantic evenings together.

Bamboo gazebo idea


bamboo gazebo plan


bamboo made bar

This is another simple yet artistic bamboo chair design. This can be placed anywhere in the house, best suitable for study room, lounge or drawing rooms. This is comfortable and elegant sitting solution. The thick bamboo is lending it bold and strong character.

bamboo made chair

This is another creative bamboo furniture design. It has an Asian touch to it. The bold and thick seats are nicely adorned with the patterns made up of cane. This is bamboo combined with cane to give it a patterned finish. This cute and finely woven lamp is an interesting addition.

bamboo made furniture

Bambos can be an awesome screen for your outdoor shower area. Bamboos are perfect material for patio decor and you can use them any where in your garden. However, this outdoor shower area is perfectly covered and adorned with these bamboos.

bamboo made patio shower

Bamboos come in all sizes and various thickness. You can choose the thicker and bigger ones to build furniture. However, the thinner and lighter ones can also be used in home. This bamboo swing for your patio or balcony is a must have. Its strong and light. You will surely love your time spent here.

bamboo made swing


bamboo patio fence idea

Bamboos are not only perfect for outdoors but they can also bring natural character to the indoor interior of your house. Bamboos can be awesome room dividers. They a re stylish yet natural in character. Here bamboos are digged in white pebbles which is giving the room quite natural feel.

Bamboo room divider idea


bamboo rustic glass top tables


Bamboo Shelving Cabinet


cute bamboo chair


diy garden decor art with bamboo


garden decor art with Bamboo


garden decoration art with Bamboo


patio decor art with bamboo


rustic bed headboard with bamboo


Sunny Terrace With Bamboo