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Creative Rustic Ideas with Wood Logs

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Trees are a unique and valuable gift of nature. There a re a few things which have so many benefits as trees have. God has created everything out of purpose and trees are among great gifts of nature. Apart form getting cool and calming shade, wood, sweet fruits, fresh oxygen and natural air filter from trees, they actually carry a lot of aesthetic value in the tapestry of nature. Here we have unique ideas of using tree logs in different ways. It is not so that to create these projects you have to cut down the trees, but if you look at any such thing then can use it in many creative ways.

Creative Rustic Ideas with Wood Logs

The easiest use of wooden tree log is to turn it simply into an exotic coffee table. This beautiful tree log is adorned with a glass top to make an intricate and fine coffee table. The natural grain of the log is kept intact and just a bit of finishing has been done on the bark.

wood log patio furniture

Here we have this rustic and strong garden fence made of wood logs. It gives a grand and bold look. It is natural and rustic. It increases the aesthetic value of your garden and is unique in all kind of fences. You may polish it or use it in its natural form to enhance the look.

wood logs garden fencing

This is awesome wood log decor idea to be used in your balcony, patio, backyard or porch. It is nice and natural. You only have to use strong tree branches and tree log to give an impact of live tree. Attach wooden shelves with the branches and decorate your favorite flower pots.

wood log wall decor shelving tree

These wood log planters will surely win the hearts of your guests. Give character to your garden with these beautiful log planters. Just scope out the wood out of them and plant your favorite flowers and see them blooming out. This will surely make your garden amazing and worth praising.

wood log garden raised bed

Use these slices of wood tree logs as walk ways or path way to your garden. It will surely be an awesome idea for your garden. No doubt it will be a bit messy to clean but will be a good option apart from pebble or stone walkways, which have become common nowadays.

wood log garden pathway

This amazing and stunning Tree log gate will the most attractive and interesting installation in your garden. Its beautiful and will surely take you to the dream world. Just be sure to use a strong iron door frame to hold the weight of tree logs and stand firm.

wood log garden art


rustic wood log dining set


rustic wood log entryway table

And look, what a beauty this small coffee table is. Its easy to build and have the world of nature shrunk into it. These small twigs are glued strongly together to form this amazing coffee table. Its purely natural and rustic.

wood branches table idea


wood log candle holder


wood log decor planters


rustic wood branches table plan

If you get some bigger tree logs then have this huge garden sitting arrangement made out of big sliced tree log. Its amazing and wild. The arrangement will surely make your garden interesting and appealing.

rustic wood garden idea


wood log farmhouse furniture set


wood log doormat idea


wood log candle holders


wood log centre piece


wood log garden bench idea


wood log garden bench


wood log hanger idea


decor planting with wood logs