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Cute Ideas for Pallets Fruit Crates Reusing

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Your home is a place where you can play with your imagination and experiment with various materials, surfaces, textures and forms. You can create a lot of pieces, tables, shelves, cabinets and other stuff, which can be used for storage, decoration and other purposes. pallet wood and crates are very cheap source of getting wood that can be easily re-cycled and re-purposed into purposeful items. You can use the crate as whole or can dismantle it into small planks. You can clean and dis-infect them and paint it any color you like.

Cute Ideas for Pallets Fruit Crates Reusing

This pallet wood crate workstation or study room table is worth making in your home. The crates are providing ample and wide shelves to place your study accessories and books. The wooden table top is long and wide enough to provide enough space for studying and related activities. The wood is left in its rustic nature.

fruit crates table plan

In the picture below, The wooden crates have been beautifully turned into cabinet drawers. These wooden crate drawers a re big and wide enough to cater to your storage needs. this is elegant and nice to be placed in your living room or lounge. The dark grain and color of wood makes it look grand and bold.

fruit crates entryway table with drawers

These crates are simply painted and nailed onto your washroom wall, giving you nice wall shelf to place your toiletries in an organized way. You can line up multiple crates and nail them as toilet shelf. These painted in various bright colors presents a nice and colorful impact.

fruit crates for washroom storage


fruit crates furniture 1

If you are thinking to spend your money to increase sitting space in your lounge, then forget to spend huge sum and get the wooden crates from a nearby market and turn them into cute benches and center table. Match or contrast the color with your lounge interior and add cushions for extra comfort.

fruit crates furniture plan


fruit crates kids toy box

Build this amazing kitchen pantry right under your kitchen counter top. Get uniform sized wooden crates and set them as drawers under the kitchen counter top and store your fruits, vegetables and other kitchen items in a thrifty and organized manner. You will surely love this storage space.

fruit crates kitchen island


fruit crates kitchen shelves

Have you ever thought of building a whole wooden cabinet out of wooden crates in your lounge or living area, then look below. the whole of the cabinet is built with wooden crates and the impact is just amazing. The wood in its natural grain is just looking awesome and stunning, providing ample storage space.

fruit crates kitchen shelving cabinet


fruit crates kitchen storage idea

Look at these awesome and jaw dropping beautiful suspended wood crate lamps. Its really cute, creative and awesome. You can leave the outside plain and paint the inside with your favorite colors or the ones matching your interior. Suspend them on your ceiling and you will get a perfect rustic impact.

fruit crates lighting idea

Decorating your patio with these wooden crates is another creative function they can serve. Clean the crates and paint them with bright colors. Nail them on the patio wall and place your favorite and colorful planters. You will surprised with the unusual and lively impact you will get.

fruit crates patio wall planters


fruit crates planter plan

This is the cutest and most amazing idea you can implement using the wooden crates. You can use the wooden crates as planters and hang them anywhere indoor or outdoor. For a perfect feel add a little bit of lighting effect and turn your boring walls and corners into beautiful and awesome areas.

fruit crates planters

There is no doubt in the cuteness of this bold yet little crate wood chair. Its really nice and can easily be assembled without any complex procedure. This is perfect example of using wooden crate into making out furniture pieces, These can be placed in your dining area or besides the kitchen counter.

fruit crates recycled chair


fruit crates recycled fruit storage plan


fruit crates recycled


fruit crates shelves

This amazing wooden fruit crate cabinet shelf is not only the privilege of extra storage space in your home but also acting as the room separator or divider. This means that you can fulfill two purposes with one creative idea by spending a few bucks. Just clean up the crates and paint them nicely for an extra fine finish.

fruit crates shelving and room divider


fruit crates shelving idea

Organize your office or the study room at your home with this enormous wooden crate library shelves. If you have a bigger room or a dull empty wall, then go for these enormous crate shelves. They can cater to all of your needs and organize books, files or anything. Clean the crates, don’t forget to make them pest-free, so not to spoil your books.

fruit crates shelving project


fruit crates shelvings


fruit crates side shelving


fruit crates table idea


fruit crates table ideas


fruit crates table plan


fruit crates table project

Here is this nice, simple and elegant wooden fruit crate media cabinet or TV stand. It has ample room for all of your gadgets or media accessories. Its simple to assemble and the white paint is making it more tidy and neat. The wheels are giving an added advantage to move it anywhere.

fruit crates tv stand plan

This is the easiest cupboard made out of wooden fruit crates. Just put the crates over one another and there you go. But the impact is very strong. The green fresh colored paint is giving a nice feel to the surroundings. You can place your beautiful decoration pieces or flaunt your crockery. You can place this cupboard next to your dining table.

fruit crates vintage shelving

Fruit crate planters always nail the best rustic look in your patio and if you attach them on your wall then they take lesser space and presents awesome natural environment. The traditional and natural grain and texture of wood takes you back into your origin and lends you some time to enjoy the company of nature.

fruit crates wall planters

Wall shelves are always needed in a home to place your accessories in an organized way and also to exhibit your decoration items in a dramatic and pleasant way. This fruit crate wall shelf is also stylish and can hold your essentials and books in organized manner.

fruit crates wall shelf


fruit crates wall shelving plan

Build this awesome dresser wall and forget the concept of messy cupboards closets. It has room for everything, all of your accessories. And most importantly, you can show off your intricate and elegant jewellery and flaunt your belongings. This fruit crate dresser wall caters to your needs in a unique way.

fruit crates wall shelving