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Garden Decor Design Ideas with Stones

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Garden is the part of your home where you enjoy the purity of nature and its elements all around you. But, of course, these do not occur naturally or like a forest setting. You need to create the natural environment around you by your own self. So, its up to you how you decorate and adorn your garden with the characteristics of nature, inculcating various natural raw materials. Like trees, plants, water falls and fire pits, stones are another element of nature that can bring alot of character and beauty to your garden. Lets take a look.

Garden Decor Design Ideas with Stones

Stones can be best used to adorn your walk ways in the garden. This beautiful pattern made up of dark and light colored gray pebbles have an amazing impact. It creates a kind of mosaic design and gives you a historical and antique look.The big leaves and the flower pot complements the natural setting.

garden decor with stones 2

Who says that stones and pebbles a re casual and cannot create refined art. This stunning swirling pattern, made out of gray, white and brown pebbles have great aesthetic value. This will prove to impress your art lover guests. The fine patterns, images of animals and the depiction of a lake will bring life to your dull garden.

garden decor with stones 3

If you do not want to opt for complex patterns then look at this simple yet impressive walk way which is more like stepping stone kind of style. The walk way has been built with concrete block tiles with pebbles in the background. Simple patterns of fish and a swirl are formed with pebbles.

garden decor with stones 4

White pebble path ways can never disappoint you. They are always elegant, royal and awesome. There impact cannot match any of the other. This beautiful and exotic design can give your garden an imperial look. Black pebbles are placed forming fine pattern along with white background. It is just that these need to be cleaned regularly.

garden decor with stones 5

You must be thinking that it is a drawing or a photo shopped image, but it is not. Yes you can also make this awesome three dimensional design with pebbles in your garden. Its simple yet jaw dropping awesome. you can play with your creativity and create more awesome 3D designs with pebbles of various colors.

garden decor with stones 6

Stones and pebbles are not only to adorn walk ways and path ways only you can actually highlight any of your dull and boring outdoor spot by building awesome stone designs. This is a perfect design to give your front door a lavish and grand look. Its perfectly warm and welcoming.

garden decor with stones 7


garden decor with stones 8


garden decor with stones 9


garden decor with stones 10

Here is another work of art. Its awesome and your guests will surely envy the beautification of your patio. Its our favorite but needs good artistic skills. Peacock is always known for its aesthetic value to nature. It symbolizes spring and enchantment of nature.  That is the best way to make your garden heavenly and ethereal.

garden decor with stones 11


garden decor with stones


garden decoration art with stones 1


garden decoration art with stones 2

For those among us who are bored of old mosaics and complex patterns shall try this in their gardens. Again, it is simple and best for contemporary styled patio decor. Its also easy to build. Just fill in concrete pit tiles with pebbles and stones of different colors.

garden decoration art with stones 3


garden decoration art with stones 4


garden decoration art with stones 5


garden decoration art with stones 6


garden decoration art with stones 7


garden decoration art with stones 8


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