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Stunning Ideas for Living Room Media Walls

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We all love to inculcate innovative and purposeful interior designs in our home. Whether you have a big house or a small apartment, we all have a place for our media gadgets specially Television. There is trend of TV lounges, living room or home theaters. In small spaces the media installation has been inculcated in the living rooms and the media walls or media cabinets are built to cater Television and related gadgets. Here we have brought to you stunning collection of media cabinets and media walls for your living rooms and lounge. Let’s take a look!

Stunning Ideas for Living Room Media Walls

This beautiful modern and contemporary designed neon media cabinet wall works well for a nicely styled house. Its bold and beautiful with sufficient wall shelves and drawers. the Television is fixed on a wooden plank, attached to the wall.

Living Room Media Walls 1

Here we have this huge and grand media cabinet installation for your spacious living room. This design is perfect for huge hall living rooms. The entire wall is converted into media installation along with few wall shelves to place decorative items.


living room media wall 30

If you have a small apartment with living area in a limited space, then opt for this small media cabinet with television fixed into the wall and low-heighted shelves for catering to the media accessories.

Living Room Media Walls 2

Here we have this nice and stunning traditional and elegant media cabinet. This media cabinet is made up of wood and intricate glass shelves which are perfect ingredients for elegance and style. The cabinet has sufficient space to flaunt your decorative items and cabinets for extra storage.

Living Room Media Walls 3

If you do not like messy designs, cabinets and wood work and want simplicity and modernity all in one then this media cabinet wall is best for you. The TV is placed on a stand and just basic cabinet is there to keep media accessories. Two stylish and contemporary design wall shelves are increasing the aesthetic value.

Living Room Media Walls 4

This L-shape media wall is best for small living rooms as it has sufficient storage capacity and provision of cabinets and shelves. the TV is fixed in wall, giving free space to use as the cabinet top. The shelves can be easily used as media library or book shelf. Its simple and elegant.

Living Room Media Walls 5


Living Room Media Walls 6

This stunning wooden installation of media wall and a workstation is amazing and wholesome, catering to your requirements in one compact design. The workstation and media section is partitioned intelligently to avoid unnecessary intrusion. The straight lines are having a tidy and clean impact on the interior.

Living Room Media Walls 7

This contemporary modern style media wall is perfect for you if you are a style lover. The main focus is on the design and there is lesser storage space. However, it has an open cupboard for media gadgets. Multiple textures are used with black, white and gray color theme.

Living Room Media Walls 8


Living Room Media Walls 9


Living Room Media Walls 10

If you are a person who love multi-purpose accessories and interior decoration then this media wall installation is best for you. The space is best utilized with provision of cabinets, wall shelves and drawers. The wall shelves can be utilized as crockery cabinets and book shelves. However the drawers can hold the media accessories.

Living Room Media Walls 11


Living Room Media Walls 12


Living Room Media Walls 13


Living Room Media Walls 14


Living Room Media Walls 15


Living Room Media Walls 16


Living Room Media Walls 17


Living Room Media Walls 18


Living Room Media Walls 19


Living Room Media Walls 20


Living Room Media Walls 21