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Pergola Shade Ideas Over the Pool

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Pergolas incorporate beauty and function to different areas of your home They are a yard, garden and pools shades structures that provide shade, seating, and comfort at your place. A thoughtfully designed pergola will provide character to your swimming pool and define it a separate area from the rest of the home. There are different pergola design ideas to match your needs with swimming pool shades. When you install pergola shade in your swimming pool it simply transforms your patio area into modern and romantic looking area. Below we are going to present some wonderful Pergola shade ideas over the pool of utter importance and great utility.

Pergola Shade Ideas Over the Pool

Here we are presenting one-sided pergola shade over the pool. This wonderful-looking pergola shade is a luxurious project to change the atmosphere of your area. Pergola shades over the pools have become very popular around the globe just because they are a great way to add beauty and function to your pools.

Pergola Shade Over Pool 30

Here we go with another amazing pool shade, it turns the whole environment appears romantic and royal. This wide-range of pergola shade ideas over the pool will help you find your own pergola design and shade for your pool. This pergola shade not only covers the pool area from the sun but also adds glamour to the pool’s surrounding.

Pergola Shade Over Pool 23

The pergola is not only a separate structure but also a patio as connected to the house. This pergola is designed with vinyl material that makes this pool area appears stunning. This shade is changing this place as a worthy place at your home. You can also place relaxing chairs near the wall to make this area more appealing.

Pergola Shade Over Pool 21

What about this aluminum pergola design over the hot-tub? This pergola shades is smartly designed to enhance the grace of your bathing area. It is the best pergola project to save you from extreme heat during the hot summers. The pattern of this pergola shade is making this place seems to be paradise-like.

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Pergola Shade Over Pool 20

This is another wonderful looking pergola shade. People, who desire to have uniqueness in their pergola shades, can use this pergola plan for decorating. This wooden made pergola shade is making this pool surrounding a best place for seating in a beautiful environment.

Pergola Shade Over Pool 19

This is another small but unique design pergola shade near the pool. The small area covered with this pergola shade looks sleek and modern. Choose this latest design pergola shade for your area to get a comfortable seating place after swimming.
Pergola Shade Over Pool 18

The outdoor area of anyone’s house is an important area as it creates a big impression on the visitors at your home. This time we are bringing another brilliant pergola shade idea near your swimming pool. This pergola shade is making this place perfect for night parties, meetings, and events.

Pergola Shade Over Pool 17

With aluminum pillars at the side of this pergola shade and some beautiful plants, this pergola shade is making a perfect romantic place. Turn your ordinary looking place into a luxurious one by trying this aluminum coated pergola shade for your home.

Pergola Shade Over Pool 16


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Pergola Shade Over Pool 9


Pergola Shade Over Pool 10


Pergola Shade Over Pool 11


Pergola Shade Over Pool 12



Pergola Shade Over Pool 14


Pergola Shade Over Pool 15

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