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Easy Ideas for Reclaiming The Used Shipping Pallets

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The joy of creating awesome decorative and furniture pieces for your home by spending almost no money is countless and in-measurable. And for this purpose. Pallet wood is the material renowned all across world to create amazing furniture and art pieces to adorn your home. This can be easily attained through shipping sites. industrial areas and highways. They come in different sizes and can be used in any way. It needs to be cleaned and dis-infected before use. The wood pallets can be used in their original form or can be dis mantled into planks. have a look at these awesome reclaimed pallet wood ideas.

Easy Ideas for Reclaiming The Used Shipping Pallets

Adorn your living area or dining hall’s boring and dull wall with these wooden planks. Dismantle the wooden pallet planks, clean them and you can polish them to smooth the surface and give it a texture. Nail it to the wall and turn the boring wall into a warm and welcoming part of your home. You can add wall shelves to place your interesting and decorative items.

recycled pallet wall art

This is a simple yet awesome pallet wood wall shelf idea. We all love to have wooden shelves in our home for storage and to display our decorative items. This pallet is just cleaned and nailed into the wall along with a few planks attached to it as wooden shelves to place small accessories. Its nice and rustic.

pallets made shelf

You can create amazing pallet wood cupboards, cabinets and media shelves for your home. This awesome cupboard can be used in a number of ways. It is natural and rustic and neat. This cupboard has enormous storage space yo organize and clear up your mess nicely. You can safely place your media gadgets or books and other household items safely, away from the reach of young children.

pallet rustic storage cabinet

Pallet wood beds a re the most awesome furniture item you can create. You have room for innovation and creativity. Else you can leave it simple and rustic also. This nice pallet wood bed is lined with a bolder and darker wood color and the planks are then attached in a rustic way. the whole full wall covered with wood planks at the head board are giving the feeling of grandeur and richness.

pallet bed with headboard

Using pallet wood you can create small storage hacks any where in your home. Just need basic intelligence and tools. This small and simple sleek pallet wood pantry besides your cooking range is providing you space to organize your kitchen stuff in a tidy manner. Its simple and visually nice.

kitchen storage idea with pallets

This awesome and rustic pallet wood dresser shelf is giving you utility in a dash of style. Its antique and vintage in its nature. This beautiful wall mounted jewellery box can easily organize and hold you small and intricate jewellery pieces. You can customize it and can add a mirror or more shelves to increase the capacity.

pallet jewelry shelf


pallet wall art

This pallet wood vanity and storage cupboard will surely help you a lot to organize your toiletries and related stuff. The marble top will keep it clean and safe from getting swollen up from the moisture in the washroom. However, the rustic wood will have antique impact on the overall interior of your washroom, giving you ample storage space.

pallet washroom cabinet


pallet garden decor


pallet entryway cabinet


pallet dining furniture


pallet rustic cabinet


pallet outdoor chairs


pallet media cabinet


pallet love shelving


pallet garden seating


pallets cabinets


wood pallet bar plan


wood pallet couch


wood pallet furniture


wood pallet sliding door


pallet shelf plan


pallet shelf idea


pallet bed frame


pallet corner table idea


pallet dining set


pallet door idea