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Inspirational Ideas for Wood Pallet Recycling

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Pallet wood can do wonders in your home and can amazingly replace expensive new wooden items. You can easily, with little effort, transform pallet wood, crates, cable reels into awesome and diverse pieces of furniture and decorative items. Pallet wood can be used anywhere in your home, whether it be Scandinavian style of bed furniture, or rustic lounger for your living room, even in your bathroom, garden and kitchen. Combine pallet wood with natural objects like stones, pebbles, rocks and other material. Paint it in bright hues or just clean it up and leave it natural.

Inspirational Ideas for Wood Pallet Recycling

This pallet wood curtain can be an awesome summer project for your teenager or even for you.  There is so much room to play creatively on this wooden curtain or divider, like pasting butterfly, sparrows and flower cut outs. The multi colored pallet wood planks are giving a funkier look to the divider.

pallet room divider idea

This incredible pallet wood potting table is perfect if you are a gardening lover. This provides you ample space and opportunity to maintain your gardening chores in an organized way. Install a small ceramic sink for water supply during potting your favorite and precious plants. Its lovely to keep it rustic and in its original form.

wood pallet potting table

This amazing pallet wood cold bar idea will surely make you excited to build it as quickly as possible. Its a unique and interesting idea. This pallet wood bar has a cooler, a nice counter, a shelf to hold bottles and rack for glasses. A few wooden chairs are complementing the bar. And here you are ready to party!

wooden pallets cooler plan

Here we have for you a nice and unique pallet wood planter for your garden. This is more like a quotation board with colorful and lovely quotes along with pretty plants. You can attach and nail in the dismantled planks of pallets and create this board structure with hollow box like spaces for plants. Inscribe your inspirational quotes.

repurposed pallets wooden planter


repurposed wood pallet fence

This rustic pallet wood shelf is a mere decorative piece but will add on to the style and character of your home’s interior decor. Its nice and rustic along with utility to place your favorite artifacts to boast the image. Hooks can also be used in multiple ways as per your requirement.

rustic pallet shelf

This awesome pallet wood Kitchen cabinet is a beauty in itself. This has a traditional and rustic charm in it. The color and polish are incredible. It will be a nice and beautiful add on to your kitchen storage furniture. The bottom cupboards can be used as a pantry.

rustic pallets kitchen cabinet

As mentioned earlier, pallet wood is a utility not only to build indoor furniture but also adaptable to your outdoor environment. Look at this nice and simple pallet wood garden bench, which is perfect for a nice and warm friendly chat. The middle hollow box can be used as a planter or a table.

pallets outdoor garden bench


pallets planter art


pallets sing board idea


recycled pallets bench


pallets love art crafts


pallets chest on wheels


pallet wooden planter plan

Another inspirational idea from pallet wood is to build a nice and bright hen shed outside your home. Its amazingly beautiful idea. this rustic hen shed is warm and cozy aboard for your chickens.

wooden pallet made hen shed


wooden pallet bench idea


wood pallet plants decor art


pallets made trunk

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