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Awesome Ideas for Pallets Patio Couches

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Decorating your patio can be a laborious task or it can be an interesting experience for you. the most important part of patio is the sitting arrangement you opt for the area. There are several factors to consider when you select for the type of sitting arrangement. Whether you will use wooden seats or wrought iron, area and space of your patio, number of persons your sitting arrangement will cater to and the additional decorative features you may add. Again if you choose wood for the patio sitting then save a bundle of money by using pallet wood. You can make pallet wood couches for small as well as larger patios. Let’s take a look at some awesome pallet wood patio couches.

Awesome Ideas for Pallets Patio Couches

Here we have the finest couch made up of pallet wood planks. The pallet wood planks can be smoothed and you may leave them in their natural condition. This is fine, neat and beautiful. This couch allows four to sit easily and comfortably in the patio. The center table has also bold yet simple design.

pallets patio couch 35

This awesome pallet wood recliner couch has casual and easy going style. You can brighten up the atmosphere of your backyard by adding colorful upholstery. the box like casual center table with an umbrella for shade is perfect to enjoy sunny afternoons.

pallets patio couch 26

Adorn your patio with these simple and affordable pallet wood couches. This L-shape sitting arrangement will cater to maximum number of persons and allows you to enjoy a perfect family get together. You can polish the rough surface of pallet wood to make it more presentable. This clay polish suits the rustic decor.

pallets patio couch 16

Enjoy this awesome pallet wood sitting arrangement with a variety of couches all set up at one place. The beauty of this patio’s sitting arrangement is that you have a nice recliner, couch with back and couch without back, all of those you may use as per your desire. The center table, side table and planter all are matching the pallet wood theme.

pallets patio couch 17

This bold and heavy pallet wood sofa is perfect for a luxurious patio in a garden. This couch set is heavy and makes a bold statement. Its strong and durable, however, maintaining the rustic look of the furniture. The two pallet wood center table compliments the theme and decor of the patio.

pallets patio couch 30

These nice and comfy pallet wood set of couches is rustic and easy to assemble. You just need to clean the pallets and it does not requires dismantling of planks. Just put one pallet over another, attach the back rest and there you go. You may add an arm rest with your couch

pallets patio couch 32

This bold and durable wooden pallet L-shape couch is made with dismantled planks of pallet wood. The height and design are comfortable and nice. This couch takes lesser space and have privilege of sitting for five persons. The upholstery is soft and comfy. The wheels make it movable.

pallets patio couch 25


pallets patio couch 28

This huge patio sofa made from wooden pallets is amazing and will lighten up the atmosphere of your dull and boring patio. now socialize freely without taking worry of small sitting arrangements. Build this fresh and nice couch to cater to all your family and friends gatherings. You and your guests will love the feeling of togetherness.

pallets patio couch 1


pallets patio couch 34

Build this nice pallet wood couch along with the provision of a bench cum day bed. Now, in your garden you can enjoy sitting on the couch and also laying down in your pallet wood day bed. You can add bright cushions and upholstery to make your patio sitting arrangement more colorful and comfortable.

pallets patio couch 23

Adorn your backyard with this nice and easy pallet wood sitting arrangement. You can build two different kinds of couches and recliners and add variety to the sitting arrangement. One is a steady simple couch and the other is a recliner which can be used to rest properly and can also be used a bench.

pallets patio couch 22

If you are looking for something simple and elegant then go for this white pallet wood couch. It is easy and simple, having no complex design and assembling. The white paint will give it a fresh and natural feel. You can make center table by assembling a couple of wooden crates.

pallets patio couch 12


pallets patio couch 11

This bold rustic yet low pallet wood sofa is making a grand statement in your garden or patio. The color is nice and interesting and the look is totally awesome. You may add thick and soft cushions to make this huge couch comfortable and enjoyable. Attach wheels to the pallet to make it movable.

pallets patio couch 6


pallets patio couch 7

This is an amazing pallet wood couch with a side table. Its super comfortable and you can enjoy reading your favorite book in the lap of nature. This is perfect for small patios, balconies and backyard. The base of pallet wood planks is strong and bold. The cushions and upholstery adds comfort to the couch.

pallets patio couch 9

When you think of the furniture for your garden then you look for things which complements the natural character of your garden. Such is the pallet wood couch below. You may build such a pallet wood couch which may inclcate nice and awesome wooden planters in it. This will enhance the natural look of your patio.

pallets patio couch 8


pallets patio couch 10


pallets patio couch 19


pallets patio couch 33

This backyard sitting arrangement will surely brighten up your backyard’s dull and boring theme. This light neon green is best to enjoy great time with friends. Blue is giving a fresh feel to the arrangement. The couch is simple yet interesting.

pallets patio couch 31


pallets patio couch 29

This nice charcoal black pallet wood sitting arrangement in a patio is rare sight. It is an interesting way to attract the eye of your visitors. Black can never go out of fashion. It always complements your theme. this pallet wood L-shape couch has extended sitting in form of a rocking couch and two small chairs.

pallets patio couch 20


pallets patio couch 21

It is always good to divide your sitting into small chairs or sitting arrangements. These pallet wood chairs are natural and nice to adjust to your all kind of needs. The black upholstery is making it grand and awesome.

pallets patio couch 24


pallets patio couch 27


pallets patio couch 18


pallets patio couch 15


pallets patio couch 14


pallets patio couch 13


pallets patio couch 2


pallets patio couch 3


pallets patio couch 4


pallets patio couch 5