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Build Household Items with Reused Shipping Pallets

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Pallet wood craft is perfect to create amazing ordinary and unusual household items. These may include basic furniture to cater your needs or innovative and creative decorative items to enhance the character of your home’s interior decor and bring to it a personalized touch. And this is always more satisfying to do it in very less amount of money. Pallet wood can also be used to build a variety of items apart form normal household requirements, items of an extended utility. In this article we will bring to you such amazing ideas of extended value and utility.

Build Household Items with Reused Shipping Pallets

This incredibly awesome rustic pallet wood fireplace will enhance yours and your home’s style statement. That is simply a beauty. The whole wall is covered in warm texture of rustic wild wood, depicting a nice countryside look. The wall shelf is an add on to display your lovely artifacts or memoirs.

pallets wall art

Here we have another unique pallet wood shelf idea. We have came across pallet wood wall shelves and its several variants but have not seen sucha free standing pallet wood shelf that can hold your decorative items beautifully. This is one of them. Its simple and the nicely carved wood robot figures are giving it an interesting touch. You can bring in color.

pallets shelving cabinet

If simplicity and elegance is your style statement then you will love to have this rustic pallet wood entry way table at your home. An entry way table always makes your entry way interesting and you can also utilize the space a table provides to exhibit your decorative items and place some of your important tiny things.

pallets entryway table

Here we have another rustic pallet wood idea for increasing the storage capacity in your kitchen, that is an awesome pallet wood kitchen cupboard. This traditional and simple design will be an attractive addition to your kitchen. You can have shelves, drawers and unique crate drawers to store any food item too, acting as cupboard cum pantry for you.

wood pallet kitchen closet

Your patio is a place for you to relax and enjoy some time in open natural atmosphere or to enjoy the company of your friends and family. In either way you need something to sit on and also saving it from weathering. Pallet wood outdoor loungers are best for this purpose and not to forget, they fit in the budget too.

recycled pallets patio lounge

You would not have thought of taking pallet wood into your bedroom. But, believe us, it can do wonders there, instead of those ordinary and usual bed sets. Build your own customized pallet wood bed and give your bedroom a nice an warm touch of style. Use smaller pallets to paint your favorite quote or can also use it as a photo frame.

repurposed pallet bed and wall art


wooden pallet kitchen cabinet


wooden pallet garden art planter


wood pallet bed headboard plan


wood pallet stools


wooden pallet table

If you are a single with small apartment or you need to build a closet for your younger ones then save money yet build this perfect pallet wood closet. It can cater to all your basic needs in no money and less effort. You can change your design according to your need and can paint it in bright colors too.

pallets wooden wardrobe


pallets wooden outdoor furniture


pallet toilet room step stool


pallets bed headboard


pallets made patio furniture set


pallets wall art 2


simple pallet patio lounge


repurposed pallets wooden patio couch


repurposed pallets couch


recycled pallets patio furniture set


recycled pallets outdoor cabin


recycled pallets made table


wall decor art with pallets


wooden pallet side tables