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Charming DIY Ideas for Succulent Terrariums

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If you have love for the greenery and nature but do not have enough space to create your world of lush green and colorful flowers and set up your very own garden then you need not to worry. You can have your very own garden in a small and very little space. Assemble your garden in a seal-able glass jar and create a world of natural habitat in a small space. Terrariums are best for the regions where you do not have scope of much plantation. In this way you can improve your indoor air-quality and many more benefits. They are low-maintenance, needs little water and area delight to eye.

Charming DIY Ideas for Succulent Terrariums

These cubical terrariums are nice and easy, can be placed on any table top. They are representing the dry and desert kind of habitat. You can recreate an environment of greenery in a dry desert with a little bit of sand and cactus plant coupled with a few thorny bushes. terrarium idea

Here we have this succulent DIY idea of glass terrariums which are recreating the oasis atmosphere. You can fill your wine glasses of any kind with tiny white pebbles and sand. You can place cactus and other such plants paired with a few rocky stones to give it more natural look. terrarium plan

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terrarium planting

You can re-purpose your empty jam jars and other glass bottles and turn them into amazing terrariums. you just need a few pebbles, soil and any plant of your choice. Hang these into the dull and monotonous corners of your home and lighten them up.  terrarium projects

Why to throw out your old fused light bulbs. You can turn them into awesome terrariums and for sure, your friends will envy. Empty the bulbs, Put all that electric stuff and insert pebbles and plant of your choice. Hang it anywhere and enjoy. used bulb terrarium idea

These relatively bigger glass terrariums are nice and have a bigger impact on your surroundings. You may also turn your old fish aquarium into a terrarium. Mix soil and white pebbles so as to make both of them visible. You can hang many of them or even a single one can change the dull environment.terrarium hanging

hanging terrarium idea

hanging terrarium

This beautiful DIY idea for glass terrarium is fantastic and a treat to the eye. It actually not only exhibits the beautiful lush green plants and colorful flowers but it emphasizes on the beautifully laden layers of soils and pebbles. It actually exhibits the under ground beauty of a plant habitat, focusing on not only surface but the depth!mason jar terrariumAnother sealed terrarium with scenic beauty and intricate details. It depends on you that how intricately and aesthetically you decorate your terrarium. In the picture a below a whole scenery has been created with an imagery of lush green forest with thick bushes and a hunter.

terrarium craftingYou can add anything to your terrarium according to the habitat you want to recreate. Any element closer to nature can add up to the beauty of your terrarium. In the DIY idea below, a beach sea side habitat has been recreated with sand, sea-side plants and bushes and most specifically the sea-shells.

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terrarium diy ideas

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