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Creative Design Ideas for Wall Shelves

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When it is to design the interior of your home, there comes several factors to consider and taken care of. Even if you have expensive and elegant decorative items but those are not placed properly then the whole theme gets disturbed and you end up failing to achieve the desired impact. Wall shelves are an ingenious way to flaunt your decorative items and even your personal items, books or crockery. A nice and creatively designed shelf can bring life to your interior decor and can even make simple things look beautiful. Let’s take look at design ideas for wall shelves in different shapes and sizes.

Creative Design Ideas for Wall Shelves

This creative wooden bed side wall shelf can organize a lot of your stuff in your bedroom. It is simple yet elegant and can make your bed room lively and provide you ease of access to your daily bed time routine items.

bed side wall shelf


corner wall shelf

This creative single wooden shelf is elegant and has been infused with the picture frames. This shelf is not only holding the accessories but also exhibiting your memorable pictures in an artistic way. The hooks provided are adding to the value and utility of this shelf.

creative wall shelves

Here is another superb and awesome wall shelf idea for your teenager’s room. This amazing Superman logo wall shelf provides ample space for holding books and decorative items as well as personal belongings, that your teenager wants to show off.

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These pyramid styled wall shelves in wood are yet another simple yet elegant and creative design. The picture has two pyramids, one is upright and the other is inverted. The space in between both the pyramid wall shelves has been used as book rack.

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wall shelf designs

This creative wall shelf has the pattern of straight lines in shape of broken square and rectangle. It can serve perfectly as a book shelf and also can be used to exhibit your intricate decorative items. This can be installed in your bathroom to hold toiletries in a nice way.

wall shelf for home decor

When it comes to build wall shelf in your kid’s room the first thought comes of sufficient space for arranging and organizing all the mess of kid’s toys and accessories. The wall shelves can be made by combining two or more materials like the one in picture made with steels pipes and wood.

wall shelf for kids 2

For younger children we need to take care of fun element and designs while designing the interior of the toddler’s room. This alphabet wooden wall shelf is funky and spacious. Its interesting and kills the boredom of simple and common designs.

wall shelf for kids

These hexagonal wooden wall shelves presents another creative design. This will add to the beauty of your interior and storage space. These shelves can be partitioned into two compartments or can be used as whole. The top of the shelf can also be used to place things. These go well besides your workstation or study area.

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wall shelf ideas

These fork shaped wall shelves are unique and spacious. These can be used perfectly as book shelf as they have ample space to hold a good collection of books. The fork shapes nailed in opposite directions are increasing the uniqueness of the design. It is easy and simple to assemble.

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Corner shelves are always nice and presents great utility. This simple yet elegant corner wall shelf is saving your space as well as providing you an opportunity to place your accessories and turn a dull corner of your home into a lively one. Decorate this white painted shelf with bright colored vases, picture frames and other items.

wall shelf styles 10

Another unique and beautiful design of wall shelf can be seen in the picture below. This design is breaking the concept of straight and geometric wall shelves. The basic shape is that of a pear or tear-drop. However that is further divided with straight partitions to hold your decorations.

wall shelf styles 11

This tree wall shelf is another way of flaunting your decorative items. This can beautifully serve the purpose of exhibiting your memorable pictures and the pictures of your loved ones. You can also make a family picture tree and hold your memories close to your heart as well as sight.

wall shelf styles 12

This vintage wall shelf is nice and antique. This is a unique design concept which is made up of steel pipes and wooden planks. It is best to be placed in a balcony, terrace or a patio. You can place your planters indoor or outdoor on such kind of wall shelf. It will complement well the traditional and rustic interior.

wall shelf styles 13

These intermingled and overlapping square shaped wall shelves also give your interior a nice and unique touch. These shelves are not much spacious but can hold your intricate decorative items or small accessories.  The bold dark colored wood is making it dominant over other dull and light colored interior.

wall shelf styles 14

This interesting wood shelf is the most favorite design among all. It is unique and funky. This can provide you ample storage in your washroom area and can hold all of your toiletries. The shape is that of a man, depicted using straight lines. It is unique and your guests will surely find it interesting.

wall shelf styles 15


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If you are designing wall shelf for your lounge or living room then you opt for a wall shelf which covers most of your wall and caters to your storage needs. Apart from the traditional wooden wall shelves, this wall shelf is built with steel and iron.

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If you are a nature loving person, and wants to take care of the character and elements of nature in your interior, then opt for this rustic wooden wall shelf. This dark colored oak wood  shelf with the planks nailed in free style is representing the free and wild aspect of nature. You can add more shelves as per your requirement.

wall shelf styles 27

These “wow” shelves are nice and funky. the brightly colored wall shelves are best for a youngsters’ or a toddler’s room. You can have a number of them to hold different accessories. They are perfect to hold books and toys. Your child will gonna love it and find it interesting.

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