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Awesome Home Improvement Ideas with Room Dividers

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Room dividers are the best way to utilize and double up your space. These are best to divide the large rooms and halls into two and increase the utility. The dividers, along with serving their purpose of dividing your room/hall into two can also increase the decorative and interior beauty of your home or they can even increase the storage space in your home, as you can divide your room building a cabinet, bookshelf or anything in between. There are a various divider styles according to your preferences. Lets take a look!

Awesome Home Improvement Ideas with Room Dividers

The idea below in the picture is modern, innovative, contemporary as well as it has natural element. You can divide your bedroom sleeping area from that of your rest room using these huge bamboos digged in white pebbles for a more natural feel.

diy room divider idea

Here is this beautiful divider which is giving the feeling of openness along with fulfilling the purpose of a divider. It is adding to the decorative aspect also. The beautiful wrought iron metal work in plausible combining the geometric pattern with the floral designs.

room divider 2


room divider 3

Here is another stunning divider which is adding to the utility at home. The divider is separating the dining area from that of the living room or TV lounge. The divider here is also serving as the wooden media cabinet and shelf. The vertical wooden columns with empty spaces are giving a feeling of openness.

room divider 4

This contemporary style room divider is giving you an extra advantage of storage space in form of a cupboard with cabinets and drawers. the half of the divider has a decorative modern-style screen enhancing the overall contemporary interior of the home.

room divider 5

If you a re more fond of the openness and spacious feel and want to inculcate that aspect in your home interior, however, there is need to divide the room also, then opt for this kind of divider shown in the picture below. The horizontal wooden planks with wider space in between is perfect for creating a spacious and open view.

room divider 6

This contemporary divider is infusing various lines and patterns in one. The divider is dividing the room as well as having cupboard and shelves on both sides to enhance storage capacity, increasing the value and utility. The divider is using straight lines infused with curved designs.

room divider 7


room divider 8

Here is this traditional and antique style of divider with fine wood work. It is perfect example of beauty and fine skills of wood work. The carved wood divider has stunning flowers and embossed carvings of tulip and lotus flowers. The arch is giving an open and spacious view.

room divider 9

This simple and awesome divider is useful as well as beautiful. The room is separated with long vertical wooden columns and the provision of shelves and media cabinet is an added advantage.

room divider 10


room divider 11


room divider 12


room divider 13

Here we present to you the most unique divider idea which will surely allure your guests and visitors. That is a kind of terrarium cum planter. Build a glass box with huge rounded holes for reasonable flow of air and in that box flaunt the lush green leafy plants grown in special pattern. You can also use artificial plants.

room divider 14


room divider 15


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