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60 Awe-inspiring Home Exterior Design Ideas

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60 Awe-inspiring Home Exterior Design Ideas - Part 2

Check out the outstanding exterior designing of the house. This awesome and inspiring home renovation is brought closer to you with the settlement of even all the modern decoration elements at one place. This two-story house comprised an artistic arrangement of integrated lights in the entire home, even in the roof extensions as well, The use of grey and dark brownish shade on the walls with the metal edging on all sides gives this exterior idea an attractive, eye-catching effect. This is simply a luxurious exterior renovation idea to have a wonderful experience of royal setting at your own place.
Exterior Home Ideas 31

This is an exceptional exterior house designing of the two-story house. This plan is amazingly brought up for you with the delightful arrangement of glass, wood and steel material used together in the building of the house. The attractively landscaped area with fresh sea-grass in enhancing the charm of the house exterior.
Exterior Home Ideas 32

Check out the exterior design that is showing a transitional house setting with a cool and fresh-looking palette arrangement on it. The use of royal-blue over the roof and the smart use of white in the decoration ensure a sensation of calm and serene abode. This plan will add attraction to your house.
Exterior Home Ideas 33

The recent trends of house exterior designing can be easily summed up in one single color and that is white. It simply highlights the features of the home and also creates an exceptional backdrop for showing architectural details of the house. Below shown image is the best example of the statement.

Exterior Home Ideas 34

This is another fascinating house exterior plan that is amazingly styled out with the blending of various colors. The use of mustard color is giving an impact that the house is warming in the sun. While the white on top is contributing to delivering and clean and crisp vibe.
Exterior Home Ideas 35

It has also become a trend to construct a house with a rocky exterior. This home is displaying two different looks, one rough and stylish as on the top, and the second is modern and luxurious. The natural and cool hues of the exterior design are giving a fresh and inspiring look.

Exterior Home Ideas 36

It’s time to capture elegance with the muted-blue grey color roof construction and the use of the wooden material in the door and wall renovation. This exterior design will impressively attract your friends and guest toward the charming look of your house.
Exterior Home Ideas 37

Use a curved or custom pathway to enhance the charm of your home exterior plan. The wonderful use of royal-blue on the roof with a soft house walls looks perfect together. The beautiful white trim over the house with a classic landscape is creating an attractive vibe toward the house.
Exterior Home Ideas 38

The use of one similar color in the designing of a beautiful house exterior always creates a focal point at the front door. The inspiring peach shades with the greenery all around the house looks outstanding to inspire anyone toward your dream house elegance and beauty.
Exterior Home Ideas 39

Another wonderful exterior idea is made possible for you. Using lots of light with greenery all around especially lights on the roof, deck and walls amazingly displays the features of the house and also reveals the decorating taste of house owner. Bring this exterior design to your house to give it a dreamy look.
Exterior Home Ideas 40

The appealing and eye-catching exterior design is rooted in the brick patio with the earthy hues of brown and beige as shown in the image. The beautiful color combination in this beautifying plan is giving a warm, cozy and sun-baked look.
Exterior Home Ideas 41

Whenever you plan for an exterior designing always follow the trend. This modern house exterior idea is showing the use of modern decorating elements in it such as the use of glass, aluminum material, the use of white for architectural details and much more. The black and white color combination is the top colors for royal exterior idea.
Exterior Home Ideas 42

Make a nod to your house environment with a color selection that amazingly sets with the surrounding of the place. This house exterior design is brought to you with the combination of classic and modern adornment ideas put together in one decoration project. Check out the image shown below.
Exterior Home Ideas 43

Exterior Home Ideas 44

This image is introducing us to a modern style house exterior plan. This plan stylishly features a two-story house construction, in which almost every different building material is used. Few areas are highlighted with the lights while other remained simple to maintain privacy.
Exterior Home Ideas 45

Grab this modern and luxurious home exterior design idea for your house. It seems appealing and functional. The plan is completed with the renovation of the two-story building, having lots of LED lights on the roof. The fantastic use of glass is made in the designing of windows, balcony and even in the doors.

Exterior Home Ideas 46

This home exterior plan gives a subtle nod to the use of wooden planks but is thoroughly contemporary with a black color paint on it. The entrance is further renovated with the use of ground lights, herbs, plants and well-balanced fresh green grass.
Exterior Home Ideas 47

The large home grey and white combination, the properly arranged grass with different plants are displaying the best idea of a home exterior plan. This idea seems perfect to retransform the boring outlook impression of your houses as shown in the picture below.
Exterior Home Ideas 48

This exterior home plan evokes a sense of elegance, formality, and class. The use of lighter color tones is beautiful blends with the setting of unique light arts. The elegant architecture of the house is simply enhancing the beauty of an entryway as shown in the image below.
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