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Adorable Design Ideas for Deck Pergolas

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If you want to give character and beauty to your patio then consider installing a deck pergola or gazebo in your garden. You will surely love to enjoy the beauty of nature in a nice and comfortable environment. Pergola is not are not just a purposeless structure standing in your garden, but they have many advantages. Pergolas ought to provide you a nice and shady place to sit in your garden and relax, they also increase the aesthetic value of your patio and gives you an opportunity to get together with your family and friends.

Adorable Design Ideas for Deck Pergolas

This nice backyard pergola is cool and shady. The frame and shape of the roof is curved which gives it an interesting element, breaking the monotony. The roof is not fully covered. The planks settled in horizontal and vertical directions allow the sunlight to peek in from the small squares. The stone deck is giving the pergola a strong character.



deck pergola ideas 1

When you are interested in something elegant, grand and magnificent then opt for the pergola design below. The wooden deck is quite high from the ground. Wooden deck is lending the patio a very decent and imperial look. The pergola has covered the patio and deck partially. The open space can be enjoyed for having bright morning sunshine.

deck pergola ideas 2

This flying-bird style pergola will be perfect for a small backyard. A low wooden deck is perfect to cope up with the small space and give a wider feel. The greenery around will create a perfect mesmerizing and dreamy environment.

deck pergola ideas 3

Let’s take a look at this amazing and fascinating pergola. It is a fairy land and dreamland kind of pergola, all decked up on a pond in your garden. It is really important to choose a landscape to build a pergola and nothing is better than building it on a nice pond or mini-lake. The sitting arrnagement should be relaxing and comfortable surrounded by green and leafy plants.

deck pergola ideas 4


deck pergola ideas 5

Shape matters a lot when you decide to build a pergola in your patio. you have to choose the shape and structure which suits best to your landscape.This octagonal shaped pergola is spacious and interesting. The two floored wooden deck, surrounded from planters on one side gives you space without shade. The wooden curtain also takes care of the privacy.

deck pergola ideas 6

Here we have this balcony kind of pergola, or you can say that a pergola is built on the terrace area. Its interesting and allows you to have a small ‘me’ space in the natural surroundings. The wooden deck and vertical wooden planks roof is giving it a unique and secluded character.

deck pergola ideas 7

Here we have a casual styled pergola with a higher deck. The actual; size and space of pergola is smaller. There is provision of open roof less space on the deck. The sitting arrangement has been kept casual, simple and portable to move anywhere on the deck. The wooden fence allows privacy and security.

deck pergola ideas 8

If you want something unique, modern and creative then do not miss this awesome pergola design. This wooden pergola is simple yet contemporary styled. The wide sides are kept open for better view of the surroundings, however the two sides are covered for privacy.

deck pergola ideas 9

Here we have another beautiful and elegant pergola design that has been infused with the veranda. The deck is made of concrete. The roof of the pergola is designed beautifully and intricately. White never fails in the patio and gives an ethereal and heavenly look. The flowery planters with bright colors are complementing the whole paradise.

deck pergola ideas 10

This beautiful elevated pergola is set up on a balcony of an apartment. On one side there is wooden partition or curtain to provide privacy. The deck is not much higher and the sitting arrangement is also assembled and infused along with the wooden deck and wall. The element of greenery and nature has been added with the huge planters.

deck pergola ideas 11

This nice and awesome lavishly decorated pergola is perfect for a beautiful backyard. The deck is wooden and curved to give a beautiful character. The sitting space has been divided into two settings, one is living area and the other is dining area. So, you can enjoy your meals in natural surroundings. The pergola has dip lights fitted into it to give a illuminated impact at night.

deck pergola ideas 12

If you are up for a pergola which offers the feeling of openness, then below is best option for you. This pergola has been built high up on the terrace of an apartments’ building. This roof top garden is complemented building this open and free pergola. The cemented deck is no higher than the floor level.

deck pergola ideas 13

This small yet awesome designed pergola with fiber glass roof, provides you the perfect amount and combination of shade and light. You can enjoy sitting under it while raining without being wet. The sitting arrangement is elegant and intricate. The wooden deck has a unique and interesting firepit in the middle to enjoy bonfire at night.

deck pergola ideas 14

Here we have a semi octagonal pergola structure with a low wooden deck. The pergola is small yet elegant as we have already said, white never goes wrong with style and aesthetics. Its always lovely. The pergola roof is semi covered and provides perfect combination of shade and light.

deck pergola ideas 15

This small and awesome pergola design is wild and rustic in its nature. That seems a bit unusual in a perfectly maintained and tended garden. The pergola has open roof and two sided wooden fence. The sitting arrangement for two is casual and comfortable. The furry seats are cute and adorable.

deck pergola ideas 16

A pergola seems perfect over your spa or hot tub installed in the patio. It is amazing and magnificent. the wooden deck has been linking two pergolas. The design is conventional yet exotic. The hot tub is all covered with wooden sheets attached with the deck.

deck pergola ideas 17


pergola deck ideas 20


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