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50 Decorative Ideas for Wood Pallet Planters

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Today we have for you the amazing DIY wooden planter ideas that will beautify your garden and transform it into an amazing dream place that you and your family can cherish. Wooden planters fit best in the garden ambiance and make the green plants and flowers look more attractive and refreshing. They are easy to make, easily available and durable, that why we recommend you to use wooden planters in decorating your garden, terrace or balcony. You can utilize every natural piece of wood like logs, crates, frames etc. and create stunning wooden planters for your garden. So start to create some amazing things out of wood!

50 Decorative Ideas for Wood Pallet Planters

Decorating outdoor space is not at all an expensive task if you have some creative instincts and good imagination. You do not need to buy an expensive planter when you can make better at home. By utilizing wooden crates you can make a perfect planter that will make your garden look stunningly beautiful.

pallet planter 2

Give your patio an instant makeover with this pretty idea. You will be surprised to see that even the most uninspiring pallet wood box painted in a lively blue can create a lively and welcoming outdoor with a cheerful infusion of color, character, and comfort. See, how Lots of colorful flowers around the pallet wood planter provide an immediately lush look.

pallet planter 3

There is no limit to the creativity you can flaunt in your garden space. You can use almost any surplus stuff, get it modified into something new and decorate in your garden. Take your garden as an outlet where you can exhibit your art and creations and express your positive energies in a way that catches attention

pallet planter 4

A vertical garden ladder planter!  It’s perfect for small backyards or even a tiny patio or balcony.  Even if you live in a small apartment in the city, you can still get your garden on!This can be cheaply created from the pallet wood or simply utilizing an old wooden shelf.

pallet planter 5

Here we have presented a nature inspired garden decor idea for modern contemporary houses. You can create such a natural looking wooden planter either for your garden or the rooftop. This natural pallet wood garden planter is a stunning architectural addition to any garden. Decorate this wood arch with vines, flowers or garlands to create a lovely wedding arch for outdoor weddings.

pallet planter 6

Decorating your garden artistically is a way to show the world, your creative insight. There are a thousand ways to innovatively utilize the surplus stuff inside your house for glamorizing the exterior of your house. There are innumerable ways to add ambiance to your garden such as outdoor fountains, flag poles, wind chimes, pools, bird baths, bird feeders, bird nests and houses and other structures like gazebos and pergolas will definitely enhance the comfort and liveliness of your garden.

pallet planter 7

Many people think that they can’t grow flowers, plants and vegetables at home due to limited garden space. But you can grow more than you dream if you have some creative insight to utilize space efficiently. Only thing you need is good soil and some sun exposure. You can create variety of containers and planters from Pallet wood.

pallet planter 8

You can have a valuable addition to your garden by creating this plant shelf from Pallet wood. This awesome planter will be beautiful and purposeful also. You will learn a lot by creating this useful project that will enable you to learn and gain valuable knowledge about the pallet wood creations. You can paint the planter in any color that goes with the color theme of patio.

pallet planter 9

Craft your own vertical planter to grow herbs or flowers. The planter is ideal for a small garden or patio, also ot is very portable and can be placed anywhere you like. This can be cheaply created from the pallet wood or simply assembling crates to form a structure as resented in below DIY project.

pallet planter 10