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55 Repurposed Wood Pallet Closet DIY Ideas

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Get prepared! Here is the best time where you can create with some new, modern and unique wood pallets closet design with old shipping pallet of your place. It would be not wrong to say that upcycling the old and wasted material of your home into some appealing and exceptional closet design will always be a dream for wooden furniture lovers, but now we have made it possible for you through presenting you a variety of closet designs that you can craft on your own to meet your furniture needs in an inexpensive manner. The pallet plans are artistically crafted to add more reality to your dreams.

55 Repurposed Wood Pallet Closet DIY Ideas

Look at this awesomely created pallet wood closet. First of all we have collected the useless but cleaned pallet wood planks and smartly reshape them in this fine project. The upper wooden storage blocks with four lower drawers with a large wood door cabinet seems best to meet storage needs through this closet design.

wood-pallet-closet-plan 2

This is quite a classic and rustic looking recycled wood pallet closet for your home. This is a multipurpose pallet plan that will able you to store different clothing and other accessories in it and at the same time, you can also place your LED Tv in it’s middle portion.


This is another fabulous design of reclaimed wooden pallet closet. It appears quite spacious so that you can easily place many things in it. The upper pallet door cabins will able you to hang and keep your clothes in it while the lowers drawers are best to use for the storage of shoes and other items.


This is another decent design of upcycled pallet wood closet. This project is uniquely created in a delightful way to provide you the best closet for your place. It’s easily movable wooden door and large storage space will definitely able you to keep different essential items in it.

This is another fascinating and modern design of wooden pallets closet. This project is not only good to place in bedroom area but you can also utilize this pallet idea as a wonderful pallet kitchen cabinet in your kitchen. The upper section is quite spacious and the lower drawers are making this project a perfect one.

Let’s have a look at the stunning creation of this wood pallet closet. The upper wooden section with two pallet door, two middle drawers, and lower cabinet portion seems best to meet all kind of storage requirements in a delightful and economical way.


This is creative as well as simple designed plan of the useless pallets in the form of this two wooden pallet door closet. You can easily make this project to fulfill your wood furniture needs in an attractive and useful manner. This pallet project can be easily place in any area of your home.

This has been artistically designed piece of recycled wooden pallet closet that has been crafted out of the use of old shipping pallet planks. This pallet furniture is specially designed to be used as best in order to arrange the kitchen accessories, kitchen spices pots and utensils as in a manageable way.

wooden-pallet-closet 6


wooden-pallet-closet 5


wood-pallet-closet 16




creative-pallet-closet 5