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Decorate House Walls with Pallet Wall Cladding

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Until now we have gone through various DIY projects using pallet wood like sofas, coffee tables, center tables, bedroom furniture, media cabinets, wall shelves, patio furniture and many more. However, today we will be presenting to you something different that you can do with pallet wood in your home. Wood is always symbol of warmth and comfort. Infuse pallet wood wall cladding in your home’s interior to make it attractive, interesting and welcoming. Select a dull and boring wall of your house and turn it into an attractive spot. It is better to purchase dismantled pallets that are way more cheaper than the assembled pallets.

Decorate House Walls with Pallet Wall Cladding


Turn the big and dull wall in your lounge in this master piece of art. This wall is made up of small pallet wood planks and different colors are infused in it to make it more beautiful and natural. The light effect in form of fixed lamps are enhancing the beauty of the pallet wood wall.

pallet wal art 5

This amazing pallet wood wall cladding is complementing and enhancing the beautiful structure of this room. The cottage-hut shape is beautifully highlighted with this pallet wood wall. The imperfect pallet wood planks are making the interior more rustic and casual.

pallet wal art 6

Adorn your bedroom main wall with pallet wood wall paneling. Its just amazing and creates an exotic environment. Skip luxurious headboards and let the pallet wood wall serve the same purpose with its warmth and coziness. Complement the wall with the rustic and casual bed. The dim lights will evoke romance in the air.

pallet wal art 7

We all love to highlight and dominate the main or central wall in the living room or lounge. Most of the time the wall with TV screen fixed is the one which is most prominent. You can make it more interesting and attractive with pallet wood cladding. This will enhance the beauty of your main wall.

pallet wal art 8

Here we have the most interesting and unique idea regarding pallet wood wall paneling or cladding. Whether it be your workplace or home, we all somehow have to divide our big spaces into smaller rooms or sections. Now fashionably use pallet wood paneling to divide your big halls and rooms.

pallet wal art 9


pallet wal art 10

This stunning and rocking pallet wood wall with amazing and contemporary styled modern design is certainly going to make your guests envious. The wood paneling is awesome and the infused light effects are creating a retro look. Its going to attract your visitors.

pallet wal art 11


pallet wal art 12


pallet wal art 13


pallet wal art 14

Wood paneling works great in your young ones room. We already told you that wood is such a material which creates a feeling of warmth and comfort. It also have this impact of security and nest kind of feeling. Don’t hesitate to experiment this in your baby’s room.

pallet wal art 15


pallet wal art 16


pallet wal art 17


pallet wall art

You will be amazed and astonished with this brilliant and awesome pallet wood wall built with imperfect pieces of pallet wood. Its awesome and amazingly decorated with the cross Now do not worry of wasting broken pieces of pallet wood. you can create this amazing abstract masterpiece out of scrap.

pallet wall cladding 2


pallet wall cladding 3


pallet wall cladding 4


pallet wall cladding


pallets wall idea


wood pallet wall art


wood pallet wall