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Eye Catching Design Ideas for Crochet Flowers

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If you have a bundle of yarn or crochet thread and a crochet needle stick, then you can do wonders. Crochet is a fun and the possibilities to make various accessories are endless. We all love real flowers of all kinds but, unfortunately, they all wither and wilt, hence ending up in trash. How wonderful it would be if we can adorn our accessories with various kinds of flowers without fear of withering. Today we will talk about different colorful crochet flower patterns and designs to adorn and decorate your accessories, whether it is a scarf, sweater, headband or simply a bouquet.

Eye Catching Design Ideas for Crochet Flowers

Here we have multi-colored lilies for you to adorn any of your accessory, The central flower has been given the natural color of lilac and white, which is commonly found in lilies. You can give a bold or dark color to its edges for a brighter and bolder look. crochet flower 7

This wonderful bright colored DIY crochet woven piece can serve many purposes. The puffy hexagonal flower design crochet piece can be a colorful addition in your table mat collection. It can also complement a simple outfit as a head scarf.  The off-white base is used to give prominence to the bright flowers.

crochet flower 8

This beautiful Crochet flower motif can serve as a beautiful tea cup mat. or can be a decorative item for any of your household accessory. The rounded wagon-wheel flower adds to the beauty. Its bold orange color on white base makes it prominent.crochet flower 12

Here is another table runner perfect to go with your lounger or drawing room sofa. This can be used to add a dash of color to your dull and boring tapestry or upholstery. These are multi-colored and can easily match with any of the color schemes.crochet flower 15

These flowers on cup mats are funky and chic as well. The petals are of two colors and the edges of petals are given a darker tone to give more solid look. However, leaves and base of the mat  are of same colors. These are eye catching and bright in color.crochet flower 16

This cute DIY Crochet tea-cozy will make your guests envious. That is a must-have accessory in your kitchen collection. The custard yellow simple flowers along with extended white petals are beautifully paired with Dark blue yarn with rounded edges on the lid. crochet flower 24

This jaw dropping cute and fantastic tea-cozy can easily be considered as a piece of  crochet art. This turns your tea-pot into a colorful bunch of pretty roses along with fresh green leaves. This unique crochet bunch of flowers are perfect for you garden tea-party. crochet flower 22

These brilliant crocheted blooms can be used to adorn and decorate any of your clothing accessory. They can even be used as broaches, or on a sweater or in a cap. You can make a bouquet using these flowers. Weave them in almost every color of rainbow. The leaves give it a natural look.

crochet flower 11

You can even decorate your lounge or terrace garden with beautiful decoration pieces created using crochet flower patterns. This cute and colorful mushroom house is adorned with crochet flowers and the butterfly on the top is perfect addition.

crochet flower 3

crochet flower 21


crochet flower 5

crochet flower 4


crochet flower 2

crochet flower 1

crochet flower 6

crochet flower 14

crochet flower 13

crochet flower 10

crochet flower 17

crochet flower 18

crochet flower 19

crochet flower 23

crochet flower 25