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Awesome Ideas for Patio Decor Planters

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Your patio is a place where you can recreate natural environment to enjoy the fragrant flowers and pleasant breeze, the outdoor area at your home where you can enjoy sitting under the glowing sun or can watch the dreamy starry night. Plants are the significant part of your patio. They add to the natural essence in your garden. In addition to the selection of plants, the planters also matter a lot in giving your patio a specific theme and look. They may be contemporary or rustic, or can be in any size and material according to the climate like wood, terra cotta, metal, plastic and ceramic. Moreover, here we will talk about different DIY planter ideas by recycling and re purposing your old thrown out trash.

Awesome Ideas for Patio Decor Planters

Here we have this amazing DIY planter idea for your patio. You just need a thrown away old bicycle and can baskets. You can re-paint the cycle into any color you like. Plant beautiful flowery plants in different colours and its ready to be parked anywhere in your patio.bicycle planter idea

These planters made out of concrete are best for small patios. you can paint them or can leaver them in there natural way. They can also be painted in different colours to complement dull and boring walls at your home. The only disadvantage is that they are immovable. concrete blocks planter idea

Here is this simple and easy DIY planter for your patio. You may convert an old wheel barrow into this fantastic planter. It has been kept in its original shape and not been painted to give your patio a rustic and more natural feel.decor planting idea for garden

These DIY wooden wall planters are best for people who want to have more plants in a limited and small space. You may save money and cut down your grocery list by growing your own basic herbs and veges at home using these hanged planters. garden wall planter with pallet fruit crates

And here we have the most fantastic and wonderful DIY planter idea. You can place your old dressing table, lamps and other relevant accessories in your patio. The drawers of dresser can also be  used as planters. This will give your patio a fairy land look.old used dressing table planter idea

Here is a lighter on budget DIY planter project. You can use huge worn out tyres as planters. They are very strong and need lesser maintenance. Just paint them in any of the bright colors and place them in your patio, garage or just anywhere. These are good for bigger plants and bushes. outdoor planter made from recycled tyres

You can also reuse these plastic bottles as planters to adorn any of your wall. These hanging DIY plastic planters are easy to make and gives color to your patio and makes the environment lively. You just have to cut out the bottles, plant any of your favorite plants and hang them. plastic bottle wall planting idea

This is rather a beautiful and artistic DIY patio decor idea. Re-purpose your old broken piano into this awesome garden decor planter. You can paint it but need to restore the rustic and antique look. The colorful flowers, chirping birds and splash of fountain water takes you into the dreamy world. reclaimed garden planter plan recycled material hanging planter recycled plastic bottles planter idea recycled wooden pallet planter reused pallets and plastic bottle wall planter reused plastic bottle hanger planter reused tyres planter plan used boots reused planter art used glass bottles planter used tyres planter plan wood pallet planter wood pallet wall planter wooden pallet planter wooden planter idea for garden wooden pots planter stand garden decor planter with scrap bicyle