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Awesome Ideas for Rustic Wooden Creations

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Wood is a material used for various purposes since prehistoric times. When man became civilized, the use of wood then became more refined and development in tools and artistry presented wonders to the world. Throughout the history, wood has been used in architecture, furniture and many industries, as a raw material. The natural character of wood makes it favorable for human beings. Its warm and comfortable rustic feel changes cold and exhausted mood. Here in the article, we have collected top-most awesome ideas of various things created out of rustic wood. Let’s take a look!

Awesome Ideas for Rustic Wooden Creations

Wall shelves always are a thing of great utility and lends you an opportunity to properly exhibit your art and decorative pieces. This rustic wooden  hanging shelf is perfect for your decor and will make a dull wall or corner of your home into a noticeably beautiful one. The grain and texture of wood has been kept natural.

rustic hanging shelf idea


rustic lighting idea

All of us love to live closer to our original instincts and in natural environment. Even in modern tech-days, you can opt for this awesome rustic wooden bedroom furniture. The bed is made out of wood logs, the dresser has also been nailed keeping in view the log structure. The beautiful chest of drawers and side tables, everything is making the interior purely rustic and dreamy.

rustic wood bed idea


rustic wood bed plan

This is an awesome creative idea of a corner or side table, infused with a lamp. Again the natural form of wood has been kept intact and the design of the lamp shade depicts some inclination towards Japanese culture. This table can be used as bedside table, a coffee table or a corner table in your study-room.

rustic wood bed side lamp table


rustic wood bed

This couch is elegant and beautiful as well as grand. You will surely love it in your lounge or living area. this can also be placed in your patio or garden. The rustic look will complement the natural decoration in the surroundings. The cut of the planks is natural and soothing.

rustic wood bench plan

If you are thinking of increasing the storage space in your home in a stylish way then opt for this nice and majestic styled cupboard. This has a more treasure chest kind of look. It can be more relateable to the ancient imperial style of furniture. The iron handles of drawers are making it antique and bold.

rustic wood chest of drawers


rustic wood coffee table with storage

Here is another creative and unique idea of infusing the modern style with that of traditional and bucolic. This nice wooden cooler bar will liven up your dull and boring outdoor patio. You can now entertain your guests in your front lawn with this nice bar with built-in cellar.

rustic wood cooler bar

The wildness is an important aspect of nature. Nature is at its fullest in the dark and thick woods. This  beautiful Clock with a shelf is perfect depiction of wild element of nature. The piece of wood in center and branches clinging to it are adding to the beauty.

rustic wood crafting

Lamps are an important part of your interior and they give your home the desired lighting effect and the whole mood and atmosphere of house depends on the lighting. This standing log lamp is a piece of art and will have a beautiful effect on your lighting interior. The natural tree bark texture is the real beauty in it.

rustic wood decor art


rustic wood decor crafts


rustic wood decoration art


rustic wood entryway table plan


rustic wood entryway table


rustic wood furniture plan


rustic wood furniture set idea


rustic wood furniture set


rustic wood hanging shelf

This is a simple and artistic wood art and decorative piece. Its elegant and beautiful. This rustic candle stand will surely lighten up your mood on the dinner table or can be soothing for you while bathing. The simplicity of its design, wooden log wrapped in wires is making it beautiful.

rustic wood idea

When it comes to decorate your outdoor lawn, you can play with a number of textures and materials, however, here also wood is the best material to match with the natural lush green surroundings. This funky and creative wooden log planter train will allure your guests and will be a treat to the eye.

rustic wood kids play train

This wooden log bench is beautiful and breathtakingly amazing. This is apparently a piece of tree log sliced into two halves and attached to an iron stand. But, for the nature lovers it is a masterpiece of nature. The depth in the grains of the wood will mesmerize you and make you praise nature.

rustic wood log bench


rustic wood log crafts


rustic wood logs table


rustic wood patio furniture


rustic wood shelf


rustic wood side table

The swings in the patio is delight for everyone in the family. You can enjoy the evening tea in cool breeze and enjoy on this rustic wooden swing. The supporting frame of the swing is kept natural and resembles the barks of the tree. The design makes the swing more strong and durable.

rustic wood swing idea


rustic wood swing plan

We will recommend you to inculcate this amazing table in your home furniture. this is mesmerizing and gives a very grand feel. The wide and thick bark can be cleaned and polished for a smooth finish. The glass top will represent the fusion of contemporary and old traditional style. The grassy green rug is resembling the grass turf.

rustic wood table plan

This hollow bark tree table will shock your guests and they will surely praise your creative instinct. The beauty in the grains of wood is worth noticing. This is not a table but a piece of art. The middle mounted glass top is making it more beautiful and stylish.

rustic wood table project

This wooden chest cum trunk coffee table is a must-have in your lounge. Its fold able and is a great thing of utility combined with style. This table when folded, resembles an old fashioned trunk or a treasure chest, but have great storage space that can be utilized in a number of ways.

rustic wood trunk coffee table


rustic wood wall decor

This is the perfect example of a wholesome rustic lounge. Its awesomely beautiful and have strong impact. There is warm, cozy and countrified feel in the interior. the walls and the sofa, all presents a single theme. The huge glass windows are aiding to strengthen the impact of natural wooden furniture.

rustic wooden furniture


wood log table on wheels

The grains of wood are not just a combination of patterns and lines, but they are the stories of nature which need a deep and keen eye to read and understand. This wooden log wall shelf is beautiful and is fused with the modern contemporary style. The glass shelves are making it intricate as well as strong and bold at the same time.

wood log wall shelving plan