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Cheap Home Furniture Ideas with Wooden Pallets

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Pallets are always the easily available and cheap source of getting wood. They are simple to use as they already have a form that can be turned into a bed frame, a coffee table, a lounger or a shelf. You can do thousands of things with wooden pallets. It is cheap and environment friendly alternative of plastic and metal. Pallets can be dismantled and re-cycled into wooden planks and then you have world of ideas to implement. Here, in this article we bring to you a treasure of ideas to re-purpose pallet wood.

Cheap Home Furniture Ideas with Wooden Pallets

You can build this DIY all-in-one pallet wood single bed. This pallet wood is multi-purpose and gives you extra storage space for books, clothes and other accessories. you can leave it in its rustic form or else paint it in one or multiple colors. You can use wooden crates as shelves, also fulfilling the purpose of headboard.

Wooden Pallets can be readily and easily used as a center table. You can clean the pallet and dis-infect it properly and use it as a low-height center table especially for kids’ living areas. You can color it according to the theme of your room. Just place a glass-top and you have this nice and spacious center table.

pallet coffee table

Create this beautiful dark wood colored pallet entryway table and bench. The dark color of the wood pallet is giving this furniture piece a unique traditional and antique look. Flaunt your decorative skills on the entry way table and add some cushioned seats to make the bench comfortable for your guests.

pallet entryway table idea


pallet garden furniture

We all love to have spacious, stylish and elegant media cabinets in our lounge. Pallet wood can prove to be the best material to build an awesome media cabinet for your lounge. The pallet wood center table can complement your lounge interior. The white paint is enhancing serenity and peace.

pallet media cabinet


pallet outdoor furniture

Create this beautiful and amazing pallet wood patio lounge for enjoying your time with friends and family outdoor. This pallet wood lounge is cheap and comfortable. You can build a pallet wood deck according to the available space and then build up on that the pallet wood sofa and center table.

pallet patio lounge


pallet patio table

For sure, the pallet wood bed and closet cum dresser, below in the picture, is the dream for all of us. This is perfect for your teenage boy, The pallet wood shelves provide ample space for the clothes and other accessories and the little touch of multi-colored pallet wood planks are making the installation lively.

pallet powered kids room


pallet table idea

Here is this unique and awesome idea for your terrace, balcony or anywhere at your home. This pallet wood checker board table is mobile and can be moved easily. This allows you to enjoy your favorite game with your friends, along a cup of tea.pallet table ideas

Here is another beautiful, unique and stunning pallet wood idea for your bedroom, You can save a considerable amount of money by building the whole bedroom furniture with pallet wood. The bed, side shelves, dresser and couch, all is made up of pallet wood. It is perfect for a rustic interior.

pallet vanity idea


pallet wall art for tv

If you are complaining about the lack of more seating arrangem,ent in your living area or lounge then create these pallet wood stools alongwith this nice center table to increase the seating capacity. Paint them matching your lounger or other interior. Make them comfy adding more cushions and rugs.

pallet wooden furniture


pallet wooden table


pallets made bed


pallets made table on wheels


pallets made table

This unique design of pallet wood table is best for your outdoor decoration and interior. This is amazing fusion of nature and contemporary designs. The ideas are combined into one. This piece of furniture serves as a pallet wood table and a pallet wood planter and will surely brighten up your evening tea.

pallets recycled table

Here is a nice and valuable idea for your lounge or living room. This pallet wood table with drawers and a basket compartment gives you provision of extra storage space. Adding wheels to your pallet wood table is always a good idea making it moveable.

pallets wood table

This pallet wood vanity will complement the rustic interior of your bathroom.Thuis is easy to assemble and cheap alternative to expensive bathroom fixtures. This will add beauty and style to your interior. The serene and heavenely white color will enhance a tidier look. And you are going to have extra space to save youir toiletries.

pallets wooden sink


recycled pallet table plan


recycled pallet table


recycled pallets bed idea


recycled pallets bed

We all love greener and colorful environment around us. For this, we present you the furniture ideas in fusion with the characteristics of nature. Here is another pallet wood table idea with provision of space for your nice lush green and flowery planters.

recycled wood pallet table


rustic pallet table on wheels


shipping pallets reused table

If you are lucky enouh to own a beach side villa or a house then build this awesome pallet wood beach side deck. Install a canopy and cover the sides of your deck building pallet walls with low height. This will be a perfect retreat for spending fun time wioth your friends and family.

wood pallet beach deck

Create this awesome pallet wood day bed in your lounge alonwith a side book rack for added value and utility. This will be best to be placed in your lounge or living area to relax and enjoy reading your favorite book.

wood pallet bed idea

If you are a person who have got fed up from the complex designs and messy interiors then take a break and go for this simple white painted pallet wood platform bead. Just lay down your mattress on a platform made by assembling few white painted wooden pallets, and your bed is ready.

wood pallet bed plan

Pallet wood can not only warm up your home interior but it can also do wonders in your office. You can now build amazing formal workstations and office tables using pallet woods. This pallet wood office table is enough to cater your professional needs in style and to complement the interior build a pallet wood visitor bench.

wood pallet office furniture

If you are willing to create a bar at your home but have run short of money then go for an easy to assemble and cheap pallet wood mini bar at your home. This will entertain you and your guests well. The wooden pallet bar is compact and have space for your wine bottles and wine glasses. Complement it with chairs or pallet wood benches.

wood pallets table


wooden pallet bed plan


wooden pallet bed


wooden pallets table