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Awesome Ideas for Wood Lamp Art

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A home is where the heart is and heart is all the matter of warmth and love. Warmth and coziness are the elements we take into consideration while designing the interior of our home. This aim can be achieved by lightning style of the house. this is a major element in forming the mood and atmosphere of your home. You can make it cool, calming, sterile or warm, cozy and rustic. For, your home the most preferable is warm and cozy, and this can be easily created by using wooden lamps and lights. they can be combined with other materials and you can create amazing DIY projects.

Awesome Ideas for Wood Lamp Art

This modern and contemporary wood lamp is perfect and really amazing way to lighten up your house. This idea is unique and your guests will surely admire it. It needs no special and separate lights but you can mold the wooden planks on your wall into these amazing shadow lights. wood lamp art 4


wood lamp art 5

These DIY outdoor wooden log lamps are jaw dropping amazing and stunning, creating a rustic and wild impact in your outdoor. These are perfect for the people who love to innovate with the natural elements. you can scoop out the wood from the log and insert the light bulbs, place them on the pathways in your garden.

wood lamp art 6


wood lamp art 8


wood lamp art 9

Here is another stunning DIY wooden lotus petals lamp shade light. This beautiful wooden lamp depicts the image of rather intricate lotus flower using the tough wooden material. But the experiment is surely amazing and creates magical impact.

wood lamp art 11

This magical and grand DIY wooden Chandelier will enlighten your lounge, dining hall or drawing room. This clumsy chandelier will have a magical and mysterious impact on your surroundings, giving your room a rustic, wild and close to nature aura. Its warm and antique.

wooden lamp art


wood lamp art 18


wood lamp art 16


wood lamp art 15

This wooden Chanderlier is beautiful, elegant and simple to assemble. This chandelier is made by combining the hexagonal shaped wooden blocks into a flower structure. The dip-lights inserted in the base gives opportunity for a well-lit room. It is modern, smart and goes with the interior based on geometric shapes.

wood lamp art 13

Apart from straight clear cut lines, this DIY wooden chandelier is natural and an out of the box design. This chandelier is a piece from a big tree log. You can polish it and enhance its surface and texture. Attach old and antique kind of bulbs to give it more traditional and rustic look. ideas for lamp


wood lamp art 3


wood lamp art 2


wood lamp art 12


wood lamp art


wood lamp art 19

This beautiful decorative DIY wooden table lamp is charming and will add to the light and beauty in your room. The lamp shades are designed like Japanese umbrellas, but also depicts the mushrooms sprouting out of hard stone.

wood lamp art 17


wood lamp art 14


wood lamp art 7

This stunning table lamp has been made by using two contrary and contrasting materials. the bottom of the lamp has been made out of wood and the upper part is made of glass infused amazingly with the wooden base. This is unique and the contrast between the two materials is actually the element which makes it amazing.

wood lamp art 10