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Recycled Pallets Wooden Shelves and Planters

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Pallet wood is the cheapest and convenient most source for DIY projects involving wood as raw material. it is easily available from any industrial site, big departmental stores and the junkyards. Its thrifty and convenient, needs less energy and time. Pallet wood can be used to build indoor as well as outdoor furniture and can be used for your decorative interior projects. You have plethora of options to modify and up-cycle the pallet wood. These include dismantling the planks or using the pallet as whole, painting it or polishing it to enhance its texture and look, using it in combination with other materials like glass, metal, wrought iron etc. Below there are plenty of best ideas for using pallet wood for making planters and shelves.

Pallet Shelving and Planters

Take a look at this simple and easy to assemble cupboard for your crockery items. You can flaunt your intricate crockery in a rustic and unique way placing this cupboard made out of wooden crates in your lounge, living room, dining area o kitchen. pallets fruit crates shelves

Build this space economical and easy DIY wooden pallet Study and storage space using tiny space in your room. This can be easily assembled nailing the pallets on your wall. Add a folding plank of wood to serve the purpose of writing table. In this way you are saving more space in a smart way.

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This smart book shelf is a must-have in every home. Its space friendly, smart and elegant. It is simple to assemble and you can easily clear up all the mess in your study or your young teenage student’s room. You may polish it for a decent finish. This will surely add to the storage space at your home. wood pallet bookshelf


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Pallet wood shelves can serve as a perfect mini-bar at your home. Entertain your guests as you like. If you have small apartment or home and do not have space for a handsome bar then go for a this mini wooden pallet bar. This can cater to your wine-bottles and also the intricate wine glasses. pallets drink rack


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pallet fruit crates shelving for kids


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This pallet wood shelf is not only a planter shelf but also a planter itself. You can make your own hanging botanical or herbal garden for your kitchen pantry.  You may paint the pallet in bright color and fill in the empty shelves in pallet to grow beautiful flowers and herbs.

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Talking of the planters, wooden pallets can create an elegant and wonderful aura in your garden, front lawn, back yard or even indoors. These pallets can hold your cute flowerpots in the most natural and rustic way. This pallet wood planter shelf has been painted in dull grey to dominate the bright colored flowers. recycled pallet planters

This pallet is simply hanged and nailed to one of your kitchen walls and there you have extra space to organize your messy little tools scattered here and there. It is simple and pretty. You may simply disinfect and clean the pallet and hang it or you can polish it to smooth the texture. You may also paint it to add color.

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