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Creative Use of Recycled Pallet Cable Spools

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Creativity is in all of us and we all love to flaunt it in one way or another. However, if creativity meets utility and financial benefit then it turns out to be a more handsome deal. Here, today we have brought for you some wonderful and stunning ideas to recycle and re purpose the pallet wood cable spools or reels. These wooden pallet cable spools or reels can be easily obtained from industrial sites. These are actually reels in which fiber or electric wires are winded and transported. Here we have several ideas of making sofas, chairs, patio furniture and coffee tables with pallet cable spools.

Creative Use of Recycled Pallet Cable Spools

Look at this amazing patio deck and the picnic table made out of pallet cable spools. That is not only funky and easy to build but also cheap and quick fix. This table needs no formal assembling. Just insert in an umbrella and enjoy a sunny day. You can adorn the floor under the table with this beautiful mosaic to enhance your table’s beauty.


pallet cable spool furniture idea 2

This beautiful pallet cable spool center table is perfect to pair with a comfy lounger. You can adorn your living area or lounge with this neon coffee cum center table where you and your family loves to have evening tea or a warm get together. It is painted in neon yellow color, however, you can paint in any of your favorite colour.

pallet cable spool furniture idea 3

Here we have another awesome pallet cable spool/reel furniture idea for your patio decor. This nice picnic table is perfect for a casual family gathering in the garden or patio. The table in the center is in the spool shape, but you need to cut the benches and nail them with the table. You may polish it and smooth the surface for a nice impact.

pallet cable spool furniture idea 4

There we have another pallet cable spool table for patio Its texture and form is amazing. Its beauty is in its simplicity. The base of the table is different from common wooden cable reel tables. It is interesting and makes the table well balanced and durable.

pallet cable spool furniture idea 5


pallet cable spool furniture idea

This is small yet an amazing pallet wood cable spool couch. It is perfect to be placed in small corners to increase the sitting capacity in your house. It can also be placed in your teenager’s room as an interesting addition. It is a nice stool cum couch and the colored planks makes it lively. You can create extra storage space in the trunk of this stool for added value and utility.

pallet cable spool recycled 2

The cable reel spool can do wonders in your home’s interior. If you think that you can only design odd looking round things with the wooden spools then you are not right. Look at this amazing luxury grand chair. It is executive kind of chair and can be conveniently made using the spools.

pallet cable spool recycled 3

Here we bring to you this amazing fusion of pallet wood cable reels and a steel tub. This sounds odd but is perfect and contemporary way to decorate your patio. Cut out and dismantle few planks from pallet cable reels and use rounded part of pallets as arm rests of your sofa. You will find this patio seater comfortable and interesting.

pallet cable spool recycled 4

Consider increasing the counter top space in your kitchen. It is easy and awesomely valuable to enhance the space. use these wooden spool counter tops to be joined together to form an amazing table. The base of the table has wheels to make it as per requirement and join it together. We swere, this idea is aur favorite.

pallet cable spool recycled 5


pallet cable spool recycled 6


pallet cable spool recycled 7


pallet cable spool recycled 8

have a look at this attractive and exotic coffee table. It is not like an ordinary coffee table but will add to your home interior style statement. The top of the table is cut out of the wooden spool and the rest is cut into small pizza-like interestingly shaped slices of wood to be attached to the bottom of table. this lends extra space in the coffee table.

pallet cable spool recycled 9

This is an amazing and exotic pallet wood cable reel bar to be set up in your home. You can have your very personal bar, right at your home to entertain your family and friends in cheap yet fashionable way. Nail the full wooden reel circle on the wall and make shelves to hold the bar accessories. Use a semi-circle to form the top of the bar counter.

pallet cable spool recycled 10


pallet cable spool recycled 11


pallet cable spool recycled 12

We all love various kind of pets. Here we have this unique idea for using wooden pallet wood cable spools into this awesome duck house.Yes, here you can build an amazing wooden duck coop or pen for your pets. It is stylish and cool. You can cut the bigger door to place food supplies and can make an entryway for your ducks or hens.

pallet cable spool recycled

Wooden spools are ideal to be converted into coffee tables. You can play with your creative imagination and aesthetic instincts to adorn such projects. You can be innovative and playful. The coffee table in picture is painted in fresh green color and the leg of the coffee table has been all covered with jute rope. The look is all rustic and natural.

wood pallet cable spool recycling 2


wood pallet cable spool recycling 3

Pallet wood cable spools are best to decorate your patio in various ways. You have seen sitting arrangements but here here we have a planter rack for your patio made out of wooden cable spools. This layered shelf is best to hold your small and flowery planters. You can also use it to place your gardening tools and accessories.

wood pallet cable spool recycling 4

The loveliest and cutest pallet wood cable spools idea is in the picture below. It is a cute crescent shaped toddler bed or a cradle, you may say. It is the prettiest of all the cradles you can build for your young one. The moon shape is in itself magical and takes you to the fantasy world. Adorn the roof of the cradle with cute toys and stars.

wood pallet cable spool recycling 5

We love to do and add different features top the usual pallet wood cable reels project. Here is another such project. You can build this awesome under lit coffee table with a little bit of extended effort. You will be amazed with the results.

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wood pallet cable spool recycling 7


wood pallet cable spool recycling 8


wood pallet cable spool recycling 9


wood pallet cable spool recycling 10


wood pallet cable spool recycling 11


wood pallet cable spool recycling 12


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wood pallet cable spool recycling 16


wood pallet cable spool recycling