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Reusing Ideas for Used Suitcases

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Recreating or recycling old stuff always satisfies your creative instinct and you feel good to save a considerable amount of money by utilizing your old scrap. But, to do this you are always in need of new and unique ideas that should allow you to re purpose your old stuff in style. Today we have collected best ideas to reuse your old suit cases. Yes, that is gonna be a lot of fun. Your suitcases are usually least frequently used item and you only need to use them when you are on a vacation or a business trip, that may be one or two in an year. Hence, they go out of fashion and you need to purchase the new up to date one. So what to do with the old one, Let’s take a look!

Reusing Ideas for Used Suitcases

Look below, how beautifully your old fashioned thrown away suit case has been converted into a beautiful vintage table. You just need to attach four short legs at the bottom and place it any where you deem suitable. Suit cases are naturally of table like shape and you can innovate and create different kinds of tables.

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Now this awesome chest of drawers is as grand as you can hardly afford to buy from a designer furniture store. You can re use your old suitcases of different colors to adorn the drawers. It will truly be amazing and stylish. You just need a few planks of wood to build this grand vintage chest.

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This exotic mini-bar is portable and compact. Now you can entertain yourself, your guests and family members with this cute and nice mini-bar made out of re purposed suitcase. Take the oldest of your suit cases for this project as it will lend an antique feel to it. Empty it and nail in a couple of small shelves to place accessories.

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As already mentioned, suit cases can naturally best to be re used in the shape of tables. You can create various designs of tables like short heighted center table, side table, a reading table or simply a coffee table. Just attach legs or casters to it and enjoy an antique and unique furniture piece.

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Suit cases are can be very easily and beautifully converted into sofa seats, chairs or ottomans. The one in picture is not only a single option for converting suitcase into a sofa seat. You can do a lot. Empty the suitcase and fill in some soft upholstery and use the back cover of suitcase as back rest.

bag reused 12


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Transform the front opening of the suitcase into these awesome wall; shelves. Its funky and interesting. your visitors will surely find this eye catching. Place your antique and vintage decoration pieces over these wall shelves and you will have a stunning impact on your home’s interior.

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What can be more simpler and easier idea of re using the old suitcases than the one in the picture below. You do not have to do any tacky effort. Just clean your old suit cases and place them over one another to form this unique vintage side table beside your bed. Just be sure to maintain the balance.

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