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Cute DIY Ideas for Birdhouses

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Every garden is incomplete in its character without the elements of nature all catered into it. You can have lush green grass, beautiful shady trees and bushes, ponds and waterfalls but without birds your garden will remain incomplete and empty. Most of us believe that birds are dangerous for our garden as they may damage our plants and trees. However, its not true. Many of the birds are beneficial for the garden as they eat away the bugs, worms and other harmful insects. The question is that how will you attract the birds? For this we have brought these beautiful and cute ideas of building DIY birdhouses. Take a look at them!

Cute DIY Ideas for Birdhouses

This amazing bulb-inspired bird house is artistic as well as nice and wonderful. The urban styled contemporary birdhouse is made up of wood and steel wire, along with small bulbs. The electric poles and artificial birds sitting on the steel wire a re giving a nice image and effect.


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This amazing owl shaped birdhouse is rustic and beautiful. This can stand alone as a decorative item in your garden as well as serve the purpose of a cute birdhouse. The acorn on the nose of owl is an interesting idea and makes it closer to nature.

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Here we have this beautiful set of multiple bird houses made of wood. These can serve as birdhouses for more than one bird. The cottage like structure is interesting and will adorn your garden in addition with housing the birds. The chimney as well as is cute and adorable.

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There is another kind of birdhouses made out of planks of old fence wood joined together to form a set of birdhouses. The hut-like structure and rustic, country side look is simply adorable. You can adorn and decorate it with anything you like.

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This nice and wild themed bird house is inspired from the tree-house designs. Its big and beautiful rustic styled bird house with the window and main gate, giving it realistic look. The overall impact is that of a farm house or a barn. Its simple and artistic.

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Its not essential that bird houses must be simple cut out houses of wood and no detailing or decor is required. These nice and bright birdhouses are perfect to attract birds and invite them to your garden. these hanging bird houses can also be perfect giveaways. They are bright, colorful and festive.

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This is a small birdhouse yet overloaded with cuteness and perfection. It can be a dream house for not only birds but also for many of us. Its color scheme is perfect and calming. The window is just beautiful and the flowers in the balcony are having a nice impact. This hanging birdhouse is cutest of all.

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If you want your birds to feel rich and grand then build this huge cottage house or you can say villa for your little friends. You can use wood as building material and pebbles for decoration. The intricate finishing and realistic features are lending more beauty to this grand residence.

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