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DIY Ideas for Wood Pallet Fruit Crates Recycling

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Wood pallets can be the cheapest and excellent resource for creating various household furniture or accessories. Wooden fruit crates are far easier to find than the ordinary industrial pallets. You just have to pounce upon any of your nearest fruit and vegetable market and get as many as you want for your DIY wooden fruit pallet projects. After bringing them to home you need to clean them and make them free from pests or microscopic insects. Clean them thoroughly. You can paint them or can use them in their raw natural condition. They are excellent for any of your home and office DIY projects.

DIY Ideas for Wood Pallet Fruit Crates Recycling

This amazing fruit and vegetable pantry is innovative and unique idea to store them fresh at home. The drawers in it makes it easier to use and place the stuff. You can attach wheels to add mobility to this wooden DIY fruit and vegetable crate project. It gives you utility to store maximum quantity of stuff. pallet fruit crates stand

The Wooden fruit crates are the best organizers to clear out mess in your bedrooms, kitchens and store rooms. You can do this by cleaning the crate and then painting it inside and out. You can use any of your favorite colors or the one that matches your color scheme. Nail it to the wall and here you go!pallet fruit crates shelving project

Here is another pantry idea created out of wooden fruit crates, under your kitchen counter slab. It is stylish as well as easy to assemble. With such a provision in your kitchen, it will be quite easier to store your fruit and vegetable stock. There is no need to look for extra places for storing your food supply.pallet fruit crates kitchen storage

Here is this brilliant DIY wooden fruit crates idea for your lounge, study room or office. You just have to find some bigger fruit crates and assemble them over one another. You need a wooden plank for the workstation top. You can paint it or leave to its natural rustic look. This will impress your visitors.  pallet fruit crates table idea

As talked about earlier that wooden fruit crates can be the best organizers for any of your needs. Here is a DIY wood fruit crate project for your dresser room. Get the fruit crates, clean them, polish them and attach various sizes of hooks and nails to hang and organize your chains, earrings, necklaces and all kinds of accessories. recycled pallet fruit crates shelves

Who wants to go for a Treasure Hunt! Here we have a Treasure Chest for you made out of Wooden Fruit crates. You can paint it with funky colors or can give it that rustic look. Its simple and easy to make. The lid at the top adds to the utility, maintaining your secrecy!pallet fruit crates chest

These wood fruit crates can also help you to organize your toiletries in the bathroom. You can add up extra space in your bath room and keep towels and tissue rolls. Its better to polish the crates to bear the dampness and moisture. pallet fruit crates bathroom storage cabinet

These fruit crates can simply be used almost everywhere. Use them in your store rooms, kitchen, dressers, bathrooms etc. You can put them in the shelves to add up the utility of storing goods. The mess will also not be visible to you or your guests giving neat and tidy look to your house.pallet fruit crates shelving cabinet

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