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Ideas for Paper Quilling Art Designs by Angelica Botero

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Paper quilling is an art not much discovered by most of the people, but it is interesting and beautiful in all aspects. Practice of this art does not need any formal training and expertise but can become complex and difficult according to the skills and interest of the artist.It is usually created by rolling and coiling the strips of colored paper into filigree. You do not need complex tools, just need some basic items like tooth pick, glue, pieces and stripes of junk paper. You can easily and beautifully turn junk into awesome pieces of art. Here we have a number of cute and awesome ideas of paper quilling.

Cute Ideas for Paper Quilling Art Designs by Angelica Botero

If you love the fairy tale princesses and want to recreate the dream world then here is this wonderful idea for you. you can draw the upper body of the princess and then adorn its dress with paper quilling. you can adopt a single color or its different tones. You can add sparkling glitter to make it more dreamy and cute. quilling art

We all are fascinated by the mermaids and who on earth does not love the bright and beautiful Disney’s mermaid ‘Ariel’. We all love her red hair, big eyes and, not to forget, her cute friends. you can recreate her under water world with paper quilling. You can get a colored print from your computer and add the element of paper quilling in the picture. stunning quilling art

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This beautiful work of paper quilling art will impress your friends to the fullest. This paper quilled humming bird is cute and wonderful. The colors chosen are giving it a bright and natural impact. Your selection of colors matters a lot in paper quilling and enhances the beauty of the filigree. quilling art ideas

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Apart form the floral designs and fairy tale characters, you can add a bit of bold and formal designs and ideas in paper quilling. This beautiful grey elephant accompanied with the blue and bit of other colors is an amazing masterpiece. Its beautiful and the color combinations are traditional and exotic. paper quilling art creations

Here is this unique and beautiful paper quilled bouquet design. This is the bouquet of rose buds in red, yellow and mix colors. This bouquet presents a unique and different style of paper quilling. The buds are made in a rounded quilled design. You can even mix a couple of colors to design the closed petals in the rose bud.  paper quilling art designs

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This stunning and amazing paper quilling idea has deep and patriotic thought behind its creation. You can trace your country’s map and give it the color of your national flag and portray this white bird, the symbol of peace in the middle of your filigree. The paper quilled flowers are beautiful and symbolizes the beauty and richness of nature and love in the people of world.  cute quilling art

You would have never seen such an adorned colorful and beautiful skull. Its perfectly and hilariously adorned with the floral designs in paper quilling. Usually skulls are more related to the scary and horror, but you can add more color and fun element to this kind of symbolism or imagery.  paper quilling art plans

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