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Great Planter Ideas with Used Drawers

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Its time to run up to your attic and look for your junk and thrown away old drawers or chest. You are luckier if you have an old dresser thrown away into your storeroom. Discover all those old fashioned or worn out drawers and turn them into something that will surely liven up your patio or indoor area. Enhance and beautify your home decor with these awesome ideas of planters with used drawers. If you have nothing of such kind in your storeroom than you can go to a yard sale or a flea market and spend a few bucks to get those and turn them into amazing planters.

Great Planter Ideas with Used Drawers


Look at this awesome chest of drawers turned into fresh and lively planter. This old fashioned chest must be a useless thing in your home but you can turn it into this funky planter and place it at your entryway. the bright yellow color and smiling flowers will attract everybody’s attention.

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This enormous and awesome planter is made out of used old dresser drawers and an old worn out bath tub on the top. This will create a breath taking view in your garden. You can create a whole world of plants in this huge planter. The big drawer has been decorated with fences and everything nice to create a fairy themed garden.

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In addition to turn the whole chest of drawers into planters, you can also pull out the drawers and use them accordingly. This vintage drawer is pretty nice and has been attached on the leg of a broken coffee table. In this way you can get a standing drawer planter.

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This beautiful green planter and shelf is a thing of beauty as well as utility. Shelf can be used to place gardening tools or even flower pots and the drawer attached in the bottom can be used itself as the planter. The green color will complement your garden theme.

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Entrance door and the entry way are most important parts of a home. They must be welcoming and lively. This huge pile of drawer planters colored in bright yellow and light green are giving the entrance a very warm and welcoming feel. Just collect some old drawers of different sizes, paint them and place them over one another and plant your favorite plants.

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These mohagony drawers are pulling out that royal and rich vintage look for your garden. these are awesome and are nicely complementing the lush green plants with colorful flowers. The arrangement of drawers in staircase style is making it beautiful.

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This cute little set of drawers can be turned into a more beautiful planter set. Its tiny size is making it more appealing and beautiful. If you have less space then you can play with such ideas to bring in the natural lush green in your your interior. This can be placed anywhere on your corner tables or side tables.

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Turn your old study table with lots of drawers into this kind of nice planter. You can place this beautiful planter in your garden and give it the same theme. Place a few pencils in the planter along with this vintage lamp. You can complement the theme as per the items available with you.


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