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Ice Cream Sticks Craft Ideas

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After a sweet and nice treat and eating up all the wonderful ice cream, what you are left with is still a valuable thing. Guess what? Yes its a popsicle.  Whether you are literally collecting the posicles or buying them in bulk from a craft store, they can be used in a number of amazing ways. You can have fun in a million of ways with your ice cream sticks. Here we have collected for you awesome ice cream sticks ideas for you to try and enjoy.

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Build these nice and beautiful doll houses or model houses for your kids to play with. If they are a bit older then it can be a fun craft project for them. Paint the sticks in different colors and use them to bring in color to this cottage house. Your kids can use their own creative imagination to expand or alter the design.

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ice cream sticks craft house ideas


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ice cream sticks craft houses

We always try to adorn our home interior with unique and awesome stuff. This beautiful wishing well is unique and amazing idea to place as a decoration piece on your bed side table or any where in your home. Build this cute wishing well with a few dummy gold coins. This can also be used as a candy pot putting gold coin chocolates in it.

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This traditional styled lamp lantern made out of ice cream sticks will lighten up your dull atmosphere. This is a beautiful and cheap decoration item, you can make. You amy infuse the contemporary style as the sticks or straws attached on the walls of the lantern.

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We all loved to play with tiny small furniture when we were young especially young girls always love to decorate their small doll houses with tiny household items. Build your princess cute little furniture made out of ice cream sticks. She will surely love it.

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Create this amazing vintage boat using ice cream wooden sticks. No one will ever wonder that such beautiful masterpiece can be created out of ice cream sticks. Finish this yacht with paper sails. Place it in your lounge, office or study room.

ice cream sticks crafts 9

Your children will surely love these popsicle stick pencil holder. This is amazing and colorful. this project will surely kill your young ones boredom especially in vacations. they will surely have some activity to do in the leisure time. Paint these holders in bright colors and adorn them with your favorite cartoon characters.

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Who says that ice cream sticks cannot be used to make formal craft pieces. Look at this amazing lamp and shade. It is beautifully designed and surely attract every body’s eye. The sticks are painted and stained into dark wood color to achieve a greater and formal impact.

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Here we have the cutest creative idea to be made out of ice cream sticks. Make this love birds nest with wooden sticks. Fill in the straws and attach a heart shape on the front. This will be the cutest and loveliest craft made from ice cream sticks.

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