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Smart and Creative Ideas with Used Pallets

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Recycling and re purposing your old fashioned belongings from your junk room can not only save you a considerable amount of money but also help you to play your role in preserving and saving the global natural resources. Wood is among the most precious natural resources facing a lot of threat in current era. You can play your role in saving more and more cut down of trees to attain timbre. Pallet wood is a cheap alternative of wood and can be recycled in many ways to fulfill your requirement. This is way cheaper and befitting to restore on the earth’s natural beauty. Here we bring to you many creative and smart pallet wood interior decor ideas and furniture projects.

Smart and Creative Ideas with Used Pallets

This simple, nice and elegant pallet wood bed will surely make your bedroom look unique and stylish. Its rustic look will attract your visitor’s eyes and praise. This simple wide headboard made of pallet wood has side tables attached to it for more convenience. You can add lighting effect in the headboard and carve out your name on wood for an added customized look.

pallet bed headboard

When we think about the living room or TV lounge in our home then the first thing which comes in our mind is installing a nice media cabinet or wall with sufficient storage capacity and tidy look. The media wall below is fulfilling the criteria. It has sufficient number of drawers, cupboards and also wall shelves, all made up of pallet wood.

pallets tv cabinet idea

Patios are an important part of house as they provide a vent to enjoy natural environment with your family. Pallet wood planters are the best to decorate your patios, as they can fit in and nailed in any small space or wall. Just clean it, paint it and nail few colorful flowerpots and there you have your hanging garden.

pallets wall planter

This amazing and exuberant pallet wood center table is convenient to make and the purple color looks royal and fit for a king! You can use any other color that matches with your interior. The pallet wood table has place for books and other decorative items. The wheels at the bottom allows you to move it any where in the house.

pallets table on wheels


pallets rustic storage cabinet

Forget all those expensive wooden installations that cost you a fortune. Build this gorgeous pallet wood bar or counter top and enjoy saving money in style. The bar can be built using dismantled pallet wood planks of various shades and color tones. You can add designed motifs carved out of wood or wrought iron.

wooden pallet bar


pallets patio coffee table


pallets rustic side table

You and your guests will surely love to see this amazing and rustic, simple yet elegant dining table set is fit to have a nice family dinner. Adorn it with cute candles and vases. The pallet wood seats along with the spacious table breaks the monotonous and traditional norm of dining table designs.

pallet dining set


pallet mobile decor shelving

Patio swings are always in fashion, popular to adorn your patios and enjoy the natural environment in every season . Decorate your patio or garden with this simple yet durable pallet wood swing to enjoy the surroundings.

pallet swing plan


pallet entryway cabinet idea


pallets patio corner couch


pallets garden table idea


pallets entryway table


reclaimed pallets cable reel table


repurposed pallet chair


wood pallet decor shelf


wood pallet furniture


pallet cable spool bar