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Extraordinary Design Ideas for Patio Pergolas

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There is a simple equation we all believe in; house plus love is equal to the home. You will agree that home is where love resides; you create memories with your family and laughter that never ends. You decorate your homes by hanging your hearts in every corner of it. As we know that first impression is the last impression. So we need a best and amazing looking patio to make the first impression perfect and delightful. Here you can have some utmost pergola designs to add and enhance the real beauty to your beautiful patio.

We present some outclass heavenly pergola designs ideas for your patios where you can sit, relax, have coffee and a chit chat with your loved ones. Let’s have a glance and choose the one to make it your patio’s fate. And we guarantee that your patio is going to love these trendy looks.

Extraordinary Design Ideas for Patio Pergolas

How embellished patio by this super pergola design here we have. Isn’t it a dressy and trendy look with out-door bar, kitchen layout. Look at the beautiful front round shape of this sturdy pergola over your dream sitting arrangements. Your guests are going to have great amusement with all setup and especially with the super pergola decor with hanging lights idea showing in the following image.

pergola design plans 1

Here we have another adorned patio with voguish pergola design. Look at this great decor combo. Black colored pergola dressed by white hangings is unquestionably alluring the whole environment. Sitting arrangements and all decoration ideas are spectacular. Your family and friends are really gonna love it. The unique and beautiful plant beds are not only separating the sitting and dining portions but also upgrading the beauty of this patio.

pergola design plans 2

If you are engaged with the royal style decor but you don’t have an artisan bone, this is the best opt-able pergola idea for you. Your backyard is no more dreary, quiet, and boring at all. Let’s spice it up with this great pergola design for an amazing and entertaining patio. This is going to be your perfect happy place to sit, cook and chill. I am in love with the plant beds idea surrounding the whole patio pergola. The picky color scheme of pergola and its poles with whole environment and the bricks fire place is adding more comeliness.

pergola design plans 3

This appetizing and enchanting idea for pergola design is definitely going to touch your heart and mind. Your elegant personality and adorable house needs a little but captivating addition in your beautiful backyard. This image speaks its beauty itself. Only a heart that loves elegance can hear its voice. Solid bricks poles and long pointy plants are making this pergola more firm and sturdy as well as graceful.

pergola design plans 4

Your house has a tedious small backyard and you need some brilliant motivating idea to furnish it like a pro. You need a luxurious look patio pergola design idea and yes we have a mind blowing idea with wooden theme. Sit, lie down, relax, listen to the birds singing in your back garden and smell the real happiness that is coming into being from your heart and tells you that you have a perfect patio pergola for your little beautiful garden.

pergola design plans 5

You can’t ignore this beautifully crafted pergola design idea. The patio is mostly used for having out-door fun with grilling, drinking and some chit-chat. Here is the idea; comfortable sitting arrangements and a pergola guarded by large indoor plants to magnify the attractiveness of your ideal patio.

pergola design plans 6

If you want a patio attached to your living room covered with an attractive pergola then this is a considerable pick for you. Have rest and relaxed time in your living room and have nice meal under the airy pergola just besides. Check the image for the striking decoration for your patio pergola.

pergola design plans 7

The new trend of splendor looking terrace with stylish pergola is full “on”. Your terrace is not boring and isolate anymore. If you are one of those people who want their room’s terrace look elegant as well as modish then scroll down to find the leading pergola idea not only for home decors but also for hotels and rest houses.

pergola design plans 10

No matter if you have a backyard that is big or small, wide or narrow. Open or closed, you always want a distinctive look for your patio. Let’s leave the old typical look behind and adopt the new one that is exemplary for your home as well as hotels, restaurants etc.

pergola design plans 11

Look at this wonderful and mystical pergola design. Open air sitting arrangements with strong huge size pergola installed in round shape are looking like old royal portico. Stone floor with grass outlines is adding more taste in the dish of beauty. And stone-made Fire place is on the perfect spot as it is making the whole scenery more eyes dazzling.

pergola design plans 12

Here we have an appealing and graceful gaze from an elegant piece of pergola design art. A perfectly designed pergola settled in sequence (terrace and the front yard) are giving ideal and flawless beauty to the beautiful house. The flower beds under the pergola shade are jazzing up the prettiness of the whole environment.

pergola design plans 13

A passionately designed patio is here for you. The back drop is so beautifully crafted. Two sided entrance is giving this patio pergola design distinction and unspoken attraction. So now you know that you can use your space in a very beautiful manner. Now you can sit, relax and listen to the morning birds singing under the shade of this amazing pergola shade.

pergola design plans 14

Do you want to transform your pergola into a highly arresting beauty? Here we present one of the most popular trends to beautify your pergola that is called gable roof pergola. It is shown as a dream play land (centered with modern stylish fire place) for kids in the following image but you can also use it as a professionally crafted living room of all the times.

pergola design plans 15

Every one of us wants a different and unique layout idea for his patio pergola design. This is a big treat for those who don’t want their patio to be at ground level. It comes with a great margin of decoration.  It is giving a delightful place to have dinner and enjoy with family and friends.

pergola design plans 16

Looking for some pretty fairy tale style pergola ideas? We give you a little hand in this matter and here we have an idea came from a dreamland to allure you and your loved ones. A complete beauty package; Square shaped centered brown colored patio pergola with white colored kingly poles surrounded by beautiful flowers. Ideal for the parties and other important events to celebrate.

pergola design plans 17

This is my favorite one because I have a same looking open air lounge in my house. If you are looking for pergola ideas for your open air lounge then this is the best decision you can ever have. An indoor relaxation with fresh air and sun light is on your way with this classy look.

pergola design plans 18

Long and wide pathways or patios are more difficult to beautify. But the following pergola image will be so much handy for you as it is giving so many ideas in a single glance. You can have an elegant pergola with eye catchy color all over the patio and also decorate the brick poles by resting giant flower pots with them. Hanging vines can also be added to brace up the beauty of your patio pergola.

pergola design plans 19


This one is the result of your ‘that’ specific thought which created when you wished for a retractable roof over pergola. If it is sunny or rainy, you can have this roof “on” over your beautiful pergola and can stay in the patio under the pergola to enjoy every moment and every gulp of this beautiful life.
pergola design plans 20

This is definitely going to make you “WOW” at the very first sight. Or you can say that it has become your first sight love. Sometimes beauty makes you stop and speechless. This beautiful pergola idea in the following image is speaking louder than words. Perfect combo of nice and elegant colors and the master piece of infrastructure.

pergola design plans 21

Elegance at its peak. This uniquely designed pergola undoubtedly deserves to be picked at very first sight. Everything seems perfect; from ultimate color combo to the quirky furnishing. Every single aspect is leaving a fresh and delightful feeling to the visual. Look at the mesmerizing view to the sea from this beautiful patio.

pergola design plans 22

The best thing I found in this image to make it the part of this splendor list is that this patio is connected to the house so beautifully. The round shape has two sides to come in and out guarded by the poles and pretty giant plants pots. You can adjust all types of comfortable sofas and chairs in this type of patio pergola designs.

pergola design plans 23

Did you ever imagine that one day you will see that much beauty in some pergola’s design? Full of royalty entrance just in front of your beautiful garden is certainly a best idea to adopt. The hanging light system and stylish poles definitely have the power of alluring every sight.

pergola design plans 24

As we discussed before that long and connected out-door portions of your house need more attention than usual. A single flaw can ruin the beauty of the entire connected area. Here we have a large house out-door area decorated with the simple but elegant piece of pergolas over the grilling, cooking, dining and pool areas.

pergola design plans 25


pergola design plans 26


pergola design plans 27


pergola design plans 28


pergola design plans 29


pergola design plans 30