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Extraordinary Design Ideas for Patio Pergolas

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Extraordinary Design Ideas for Patio Pergolas - Part 2

Use your isolated space besides that beautiful pool fountain. The combination of pool fountain and a beautifully used space is going to jazz up your mood and mind both. Make sitting arrangements for your family and friends so they can have a re-playable time with you. Add a pergola with a fire place in this plan and take amusement level to its peak. You can have fiberglass decorative columns in-spite of casual looked poles. The interesting fact about these pergolas is that are really flexible in customizing. You can have a pergola design of your own choice and in willing size. So fire up your excitement and have this picky pick to be a part of your beautiful house.

pergola design plans 31

You probably heard about “all in one place” term. Here we have something that is fulfilling the same term. A wonderful patio under the beautifully crafted pergola idea to have bar, grilling, cooking, chilling everything under one roof. The best idea for rest houses and luxurious hotels.  Hanging or fixed flash lights can be added like dessert to this luscious dish of pergola art.

pergola design plans 32 - 2

One thing I love most about the pergolas is that we can adjust pergolas anywhere in any shape. The following image shows how elegantly pergolas can be set over high placed patios. Whether you need pergola ideas for the patio on first floor or it is for a beautiful hill station hotel.

pergola design plans 32

The most adoring thing in the given idea is fire place that reminds the old ages. Look at the perfect match of the color of furniture, pergola and whole location. Semi circle pergola shape is creating an impressive view over the sitting arrangement and the uniquely designed fire place. This is a great look for the hill station based houses’ out-door patio pergola design.

pergola design plans 33

The following is the best design idea for those who want open air and covered pool but certainly beautiful at the same time. There are many super ideas in this single view. There are beautiful porch swings styled hammocks are to be seen hanging with pretty pergola over the pool. Lighting idea and the surrounding plants arrangements are best in look.

pergola design plans 34 - 2

Door way can never be so attractive like this without these beautiful pergolas. These are the elegant piece of art as much as the house. It is not only ideal for the house door ways but also for any building. The idea of half covered pergola is making the whole place very charming.

pergola design plans 34

Pool lounges are the essential part of pool accessories. If you are looking for pergola ideas over the pool lounges then this is what will make your decision easy and helpful. You can see how the designer settles back poles up on the rocks ramps and front side poles on the ground that is defining the patio uniquely.

pergola design plans 35

Let’s have an open barbecue sitting with your family and friends right under the beautiful pergola right on the table. Look at the outstanding idea to have a center table barbecue so that you can grill and chill at the same time under your pleasing pergola with your loved ones.

pergola design plans 36

It is quite hard to furnish a space that is in long rectangle shape. Usually these types of spaces are not organized well, but pergolas are quintessential to beautify the spaces like that. The slant and half covered style of this pergola is giving an exceptional beauty to the whole area. Another unusual inclusion here is the stylish piece of architecture that is water fountain. Whole the décor is splendor specially the pergola that is enhancing the all effort.

pergola design plans 37

Sometimes people don’t want a pergola to cover the whole patio. If you are one of them and you just want your pergola to adorn the specific space. Here we have an exceptional idea for you. This idea is also applicable on terrace to prettify the boring place and transform it into some alive and delightful living area. Look at the white hangings that are increasing the feel of indoor look with fresh and amazing environment.

pergola design plans 38

Do you love eccentric look? Here we have surprisingly beautiful wide patio with this unique look. You can see the extraordinary pergola design connecting two portions together and adding more attraction. Unusual seating management is jaw dropping beauty. Amazing poles are installed that can cover more space without losing the magical charm.

pergola design plans 39

If you have a tiny space at your backyard and it is getting ruined badly, there is good news for you. Get an ideal pergola suitable to that space and equip the space with beauty and perfection. The following image is for an idea to give you for your boring tiny space that can be transformed into a modish one. Look at the lanterns and the beautiful guarding plants and flowers here to magnify the hidden glamour.

pergola design plans 40

Simplicity is the fashion that can never be faded and it is an ultimate sophistication. Let’s have a look on a simple but elegant piece of pergola design art. You can see a pergola roofing sheet is there to cover it perfectly without destroying the real beauty. The curved shape of pergola is giving more voguish and stylish look to the patio.

pergola design plans 41

There are two ideas you can get from this giving image. One; if you have a slant backyard or front yard you can arrange pergola in shown way. Two; you can see the patio is made above the ground level and it is multiplying the beauty of pergola. You can use this space for grilling, sitting and chilling with your family and friends.

pergola design plans 42

Make the first look the perfect one ever. Here is a spectacular idea for the long entrance porch you have in front of your home. You can cover this amazing pergola with vines or other long or big plants. You can see round shaped poles that are decorated with plants in the below image.

pergola design plans 43

Look at the little buddy enjoying sitting under this beautiful wide pergola that is giving a wider space to play around. They can study here and also they can have swings. You can also have a little birthday under this pergola. It has margin for drapes and other ornaments to be hanged in front beautifully.

pergola design plans 44

Have you ever seen a patio covered with this type of pergola? Isn’t it giving a classy look for a rough and tough space? So now you can fill the boring space with some amusement and beauty. Add plants and flower pots to amplify the uniqueness.

pergola design plans 45 - 2

Can you use that boring and dull corner for sitting and reading your favorite book? Obviously not! then why not to turn it to some fun and beauty. Move your cursor down and look at the pergola idea used on this corner to give a complete funky look to make your mind to sit and enjoy.

pergola design plans 45

The pergola shown in this image is little bit far sighted but the whole view is amazing. You can see and get some best ideas to spice up the beauty of your patio. Now it is time to sit, relax, sip the lemonade and watch the sunset. Hope you loved the idea.

pergola design plans 46


pergola design plans 47


pergola design plans 48


pergola design plans 49


pergola design plans 50


pergola design plans 51


pergola design plans 52


pergola design plans 53


pergola design plans 54


pergola design plans 55


pergola design plans 56


pergola design plans 57


pergola design plans 58


pergola design plans 59


pergola design plans 60


pergola design plans 61


pergola design plans 62


pergola design plans 63


pergola design plans 64


pergola design plans 65

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