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Stunning Ideas for Patio Garden Pergolas

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Pergolas are an interesting way to add beauty and purpose to your patio. You can select and build pergola according to your landscape and aesthetic sense. You can directly install a pergola in your garden or can build a deck or platform-like structure as base for your pergola. This can provide shade and and a suitable sitting place in your garden and will bring character to your garden. We bring to you some cool, awesome and relaxing pergolas with comfortable sitting ideas to enjoy your evening chats and dine in experience at your home.

Stunning Ideas for Patio Garden Pergolas

Here we have this exotic pergola idea with comfort and modernity, hand in hand. This wooden pergola is warm and welcoming, it has straight wooden beams and the roof is also semi covered with wooden planks. The comfortable set of couch is best for backyard patio sitting. The standing fire lanterns are adding to the grandeur.

modern garden pergola

This beautiful pergola is made out of wood and the structure presents an interesting view. The curved roof with proper provision of protection from sunlight along with the nice lush natural sight. The one side of pergola is covered with wooden wall to give it support and privacy for you and your guests.

garden pergola ideas

This nice and rustic wooden pergola is beautiful and will surely add purpose to your outdoor sitting area. It has dual option open and covered roof, which can be altered as per desire. The free standing pergola has provision of a vintage stone fire place with a clock which is adding to the grandeur.

Backyard Pergolas

Here is another wooden pergola with semi-open roof. The free standing pergola is installed in the backyard of house on concrete floor surrounded with lush green grassy fields. The base of the pergola consists of the brick pillars and wooden beams which lends the pergola strength and durability.

garden pergolas

This beautiful cottage-styled free standing country-side themed pergola is perfect for sunny afternoons. Its simple yet elegant. The fully covered roof provides shelter from the bright sunlight and the nice patio swing adds to the light  environment of this pergola. Its warm and welcoming.

garden pergola


Backyard Pergola Idea

This contemporary pergola is fit for the house backyard. Its simple in design and easy to install. The roof is providing shade as well as sufficient day light. The pergola on one side is attached to the backyard wall and the other side is supported with the wooden pillars and beams. The tiled floor is perfect base for this pergola.

stunning garden pergola

Here we have a simplest and cutest pergola design for your house backyard. Its small yet beautiful. It is perfect for small spaces and balconies also. It is supported with the wall at one side and wooden pillars at the other. The dull green paint is complementing the natural setting of the surroundings. Adorn it with the liveliest flowers.

little garden pergola


garden pergolas idea


garden pergola terrace

There is this modern styled hut-like pergola with wooden planks attached in a hut shaped structure. The pergola is installed at the backyard and is much a part of the house structure rather than the garden it self. This pergola is not free standing and is based on a patio deck.

garden pergola deck


garden pergola decks


garden pergola decor


garden pergola plan


garden pergola plans


garden pergola seating


garden pergola swing


garden pergola terrace idea


cute garden pergola


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