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Eye Catching Ideas for Pallets TV Stands

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Pallet wood has always been an interesting material which can be used to produce and build awesome rustic furniture pieces. There are a thousand of ways in which you can re-cycle and re-purpose pallet wood in your home. It can be dismantled in form of wooden planks or can be used in its original form. Pallet wood is perfect for making coffee tables, shelves sofas, benches, swings and even beds and dressers. Here we present you another aspect of pallet wood. Install amazing pallet wood TV stands and media shelves in your living area or lounge and enjoy the stunning design, saving money too.

Eye Catching Ideas for Pallets TV Stands

Here is this amazing rustic TV shelf and multimedia cabinet for TV lounge. This is spacious yet covering lesser area in your home. The wooden pallet board for holding TV screen is attached with the shelves and cabinets for placing DVD players, DVDs and other accessories.

Pallet TV Stand 12


Pallet TV Stand 15


Pallet TV Stand 4

With pallet wood you can pay with your creative imagination and your aesthetic instincts with freedom. This pallet wood media cabinet is built by dismantling the pallet wood and making fine planks of wood. You will have to paint them in different colors and then joining them all, nailing them into a one piece of this wooden cabinet cum TV stand.

Pallet TV Stand 7

Here is the picture below you can see that if you have a bigger lounge area or living room then you can combine two media cabinets together. You can attach wheels at the bottom for added utility and mobility. They are moveable so you can carry them to any other room. The drawers and big cabinet is enough to hold all your stuff.

Pallet TV Stand 8

This pallet wood media cabinet gives you an opportunity of more space. You can easily place your various accessories like play station, DVD player and DVDs. You can combine other material also like steel plating or glass tops.

Pallet TV Stand 2

This Pallet wood media shelf and TV stand is best for a big family. This cabinet is big enough to clear up all the mess in lounge or living area and inculcate all multi media accessories. This can even hold your books and decorative items in a nice way.

Pallet TV Stand 11


Pallet TV Stand


Pallet TV Stand 18

This is an amazing traditional style of TV stand and can be easily used as Computer Table. This design was quite in fashion while in 1970s. The drawers provide ample space for storage and the legs are giving it a style statement and increasing the height.

Pallet TV Stand 17


Pallet TV Stand 16


Pallet TV Stand 14


Pallet TV Stand 13


Pallet TV Stand 3

Here in the picture below, you have a spacious pallet wood media table. This has ample storage space in form of drawers and cabinets. The most interesting thing is that you can place your accessories in covered way hiding them from your visitors or children. In this way they are safe from the reach of your toddlers.

Pallet TV Stand 5

This big pallet wood TV stand is a must-have for every book and TV lover. Its beautiful and easy to assemble. Just attach three pallets over each other and combine two sets to form a big spacious table. You can place your valuable book collection in the shelves.

Pallet TV Stand 6


Pallet TV Stand 9


Pallet TV Stand 10