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Awesome Design Ideas for House Main Gates

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Front Gate is the most essential part, when you are planning and designing your home’s exterior. It is the part of your house which strikes to the eye of your guest or visitor at the very first sight. You must have heard the phrase “First impression is the last impression”. Hence, your front gate actually draws that first impression on your guests. You welcome your guests at your front gate, therefore, it must be welcoming and attractive. The other basic purpose of your front gate is security and safety of your home. Apart from being attractive and welcoming, it should be properly secured and must have a good quality locking system. Here we guide you about the best, safe, secure and attractive front gate designs.

Awesome Design Ideas for House Main Gates

Here is this grand and stunning front gate design depicted in the picture below. this kind of rich and grand front gate is perfect for a bungalow. You can reduce its size if your place or front elevation is lesser than that of the one shown in picture. In this design the privacy of the house has been taken care of.

hosue gate plans 2

The front gate shown in the picture below is bold, firm and welcoming. Wood is a material that represents warmth, nature and comfort. The two rocky pillars are enhancing the natural look at the exterior of the house. The two glass columns allows the residents to view the person standing outside. This goes well for you if you are a simplicity lover. hosue gate plans 3


hosue gate plans 4


hosue gate plans 5

If you have a small space or single storey residence and you have lesser space for your front door, even then you can experiment with different designs and styles to make it grand, attractive and welcoming. This simple iron door combined with background made up of glass. the iron makes it secure. The geometric design allows you to look through the gate outside.

hosue gate plans 6

Here is another amazing design of front gate. the two materials are combined in a beautiful way. The shiny steel pipes are combined with the mahogany wood planks along with intricate design made out of wrought iron and steel pipes. The wheels at the base of the gate allows you to glide it easily and effortlessly.

hosue gate plans


house main gate ideas 2

This low-heighten front gate is best for you if you prefer openness and have no issue of safety and security. this kind of front gate goes well at a farm house or a bungalow in the countryside. That actually serves just as a barrier on the entrance. Only iron is used as material for this gate and the design is kept simple with only straight lines. house main gate ideas 3


house main gate ideas 4


house main gate ideas 5


house main gate ideas 6




house main gate ideas 8


house main gate ideas 9


house main gate ideas 10


house main gate ideas 11




house main gate ideas 13

Here is an example of fully adorned front gate with beautiful and intricate wrought iron metal work. Its amazing and stunning. this gate will give your house the most rich and grand look. This front gate design has been inspired from the ancient Greek and roman Royal architecture. the black base with golden touch has given this gate a Midas  feel.

door grill gate design


house main gate ideas 15


house main gate ideas 16


house main gate ideas 17


house main gate ideas 18


house main gate ideas 19


house main gate ideas 20


house main gate ideas 21


house main gate ideas 22



If you are a person who takes great care of aesthetics in the interior as well as exterior of your house then this design will surely allure you. Its simple, elegant and beautiful. The artistic design has been perfectly molded, using iron pipes. The black and white has beautiful impact.

house main gate ideas