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Recycling Ideas for Pallet Cable Reels

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A Wooden cable reel is circular pallet for rolling electrical and fiber optic wires. These are used to transport wires from one place to another and are usually discarded after the wires are used for required purpose. These are shaped like a spool and can be in a variety of materials like wood, ply wood, plastic and steel. These wooden reels are strong and durable, capable of bearing heavy loads and the wood is of resinous quality.  You can easily find them on any construction site and make creative furniture for your home decor. This is cheap way of creating unique and wonderful furniture for your indoor and outdoor.

Recycling Ideas for Pallet Cable Reels

This unique DIY idea of wooden cable reel shelf/rack in your lawn is a thing of great utility. It can provide you ample space for storage or decoration. You can use it to place your flower pots or can place your garden accessories like water pot, hose or any other thing.pallet cable reel planter plan

Here, in the picture, the wooden pallet cable reels are used to build garden picnic table and bench. its funky, creative and durable as well. This round shaped table can cater to whole of a happy family or a bunch of friends together.

pallet cable reel picnic table

This amazing DIY easy chair is perfect for relaxing in your lounge or your front lawn. Its a cozy rocking relaxer. the inspiration can be taken from the traditional grandpa chair. The thick rope knots have been added at the bottom to prevent roll overs. You can make it more comfortable by adding upholstery.pallet cable reel patio seat

This perfect garden chair and table set for four is presenting the rural and rustic style. The arms and back of the chairs is made by dismantling the planks from wooden cable reel. The design is strong and durable as well as the comfort element has been taken into consideration. It can b a perfect addition to your front lawn or garden.pallet-cable-reel-patio-furniture-plan

Here we have the cutest DIY idea for you little one. Its simple but awesome. You need not to rigorously work on the wooden cable reels and can cut the circular reels into Crescent shaped cradle or bed for your new born baby or toddler. You can decorate it with star patterns and can even paint it in bright or soothing colors.pallet cable reel furniture for kids

When you have less space, you always try to opt for design that can be of maximum advantage in the least space, but in style and elegance. This DIY wooden cable reel table and bench set is perfect for small dining areas and lounges. You can paint them or polish them for a good finishing.pallet cable reel furniture

Sitting under the shade of a tree in a bright sunny morning has always been enjoyable and fantastic. to enjoy this natural environment you can build circular benches around the bark of tree in your garden. You can now easily enjoy the chirping sounds of birds and sweet smelling breeze.

pallet cable reel garden idea

This solid and bold furniture piece is strong and durable as well. It can be used as a lounger indoor or a bench seat in your outdoor setting. The side arms are alternate to the extra side tables and gives you space to put your accessories etc.

pallet cable reel outdoor bench idea

pallet cable reel outdoor table idea

These wooden spool like cable reels can most easily convert into amazing coffee tables. the design can be further enhanced by adding glass tops, a good polish or another sheet of wood to improve the texture and design. However, simple design can also fulfill the purpose with elegance.

pallet cable reel outdoor table

This DIY wooden cable reel under-lit coffee table is magical and can prove to fantasize the surroundings. You can flaunt your decoration pieces, vases and other stuff to enhance the beauty. No one can ever imagine that such a magical piece can be created out of scrap!pallet cable reel decor table idea

Here is another awesome armchair made out of wooden cable reels. This chair is perfect for your TV lounge, home theater or even in the outdoors to relax and enjoy reading a book with a cup of coffee. The wide arms give you utility and sufficient space to place anything. pallet cable reel chair

pallet cable reel decor table

Here is another beautiful design of wooden cable reel relaxer. This DIY lounger is made with combining the wooden cable reel and wooden pallets. It can be finished with wood polish or can be painted in any color of your choice. You can add cushions and upholstery to place it indoor and enhance the comfort.pallet cable reel outdoor bench

This beautiful canopy and the garden chair set is the dream of everyone. Such a relaxing environment, close to nature with elegance and comfort is a rare combination. This Arabic themed garden retreat is complemented by the rustic garden chair and table set made out of wooden cable reels.pallet cable reel patio deck furniture

As already talked about, these wooden cable reels are best to be used as coffee tables, center tables or side tables in a lounge or living room. It is because it needs no complex and crafty processes. Just turn it upside down and use it as a table. In the picture below the reel is even used as a beautiful planter. pallet cable reel tables

Below in the picture is another awesome DIY idea of re-purposing wooden cable reels. Its again simple and does not need much complex sawing, but the output is amazing. This console will add to the beauty and utility in your home. Its perfect for porches, corridors and TV lounge. Polish it and its ready!

pallet cable reel side table

This amazing bookshelf is a must-have at your home especially in the study-room. It provides a lot of space and organizes your precious collection of books in a tidy and neat manner. The wheels at the bottom gives it mobility to be utilized at any corner of your home or even can take it in the garden, outdoor to sit and enjoy your favorite books. pallet cable reel recycled bookshelf

Here is this amazing coffee table and a bench for three person sitting. You can see that how these wooden reels to wind cables and wires can turn up into unique furniture pieces. this set of table and bench is perfect for your front lawn or backyard.

pallet cable reel patio furniture