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Stunning Designs for Crocheted Baby Girl Dresses

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We know that your cute little princess is more than the world of treasure to you and how each and everything associated to her is special to you. One of the many things in world your cute little princes adore is a perfect dress which goes with her personality and suitable for every occasion. It will be usual to buy her pretty dresses from market, but making one with your own hands with love will be precious for her. Here we have collected the best patterns and unique designs for your little cutie pie. Crochet can never get out of fashion and will always be perfect for any occasion. You can add your personal creative touch to add magic!

Stunning Designs for Crocheted Baby Girl Dresses

This beautiful natural leaf green crochet dress is perfect for day time. The white edges are the best finishing touch. The earth brown hat with orange bloom is adding more color to the theme of this dress. Its perfect for the garden parties.crochet baby dresses 26

This blue starfish crochet dress with cute hat is all time favorite. The zig-zag pattern is eye-catching. The aqua blue and dark blue combined with white color scheme complements the starfish theme. The cuteness is more enhanced with the little hat with pom poms. crochet baby dresses 24

This English rose pink summer dress is beautiful for your little princess. The dress is adorned with multi-colored circles giving it a dash of colors. The pink buttons and ribbon in the waist is making it more cute for your little girl. The hat is complementing the summer dress.   crochet baby dresses 23

This cherry themed summer dress is cuter than anything on earth. The red and white ripples are making it deliciously beautiful. The bright cherry red color will add to the blushing on your baby’s cheeks. This toddler dress is accompanied with matching hat.  crochet baby dresses 11

crochet baby dresses 2

Here we have the cute and funky Minnie Mouse themed Crochet dress with all accessories a girl needs. This is unique and modern design skirt and blouse accompanied with the same Disney’s famous Minnie Mouse character themed hair band, booties and cap. crochet baby dresses 8

crochet baby dresses 10

crochet baby dresses 17

crochet baby dresses 16

crochet baby dresses 25

crochet baby dresses 22

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Here is this blue crochet full length frock for your beauty. Its cool blue color will cool down the heat of summer. It is accompanied with a pretty little jacket in white. This big ribbon flower on the waist is adding to the beauty of this dress. You may add more ribbon flowers in the ponies or headband.crochet baby dresses 9

crochet baby dresses 19

Attention all new mothers or the mothers to be! Here is this cute newborn Lavender themed Crochet dress set for a baby girl. These two dresses are made in Solomon’s knot and its airy pattern makes it perfect for summer season. It is accompanied with beautiful hat and booties.crochet baby dresses 18

This beautiful Royal Crochet gown is also known as the petal ruffle dress. This frock will become your princess’s favorite dress in the wardrobe and she will look no less than a beautiful doll. The dash of white frills and flares is adding to the elegance of dress. crochet baby dresses 27