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Design Ideas for Mosaic Furniture Art

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Mosaic Art dates back to about 4000 years ago and can be found in the cultural heritage of all the civilizations around the world. In 4th century B.C. Greeks made tremendous pieces of mosaics using geometric patterns and incorporated a number of other materials in this art. Mosaic Art is equally popular in the present time among the art lovers. Mosaic art is nowadays fused in the furniture designs and interior of homes. However, its quite expensive to buy that from market. You will be amazed that mosaic furniture can be made on your own and this post aims to give you awesome Design ideas for Mosaic furniture Art.

Design Ideas for Mosaic Furniture Art

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This mosaic art outdoor sofa is adorned with colorful and beautiful patterns. It is a combination of contemporary floral, animal and other ordinary items. Blue color is dominating the design, however, the bright colors are giving a fresh feel. The hand painted ceramic tiles are used to build this beautiful mosaic art seat. artwork furniture ideas 24

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Here is another beautiful piece of mosaic art. You will surely spend a huge amount to buy a coffee table adorned with such a beautiful mosaic art design. But, you can easily build it at home using bright colored ceramic tiles and arranging them in a beautiful way on your ordinary coffee table. you can also use colored pebbles and glass.Table mosaïque

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Mosaic Art Furniture can be built on any material like wood and wrought iron. Geometric designs are all time favorites in mosaic art. This wrought iron garden table accompanied with chairs is perfect and simple. Its eye catching and does not need special expertise. artwork furniture ideas 13

Coffee tables looks great when adorned with mosaic art designs. This coffee table is beautifully adorned with floral mosaic design. A combination of dark and soft colors is used for the flowers. Leaves are given natural light and dark green. The white tiles in the base are giving prominence to the floral design. artwork furniture ideas 7

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this exotic piece of mosaic art furniture will make any of your guests envious. That is an abstract and contemporary design. The dark colors used in the design are making it mysterious and heavenly. This piece of mosaic art has been made with the combination of different materials like ceramic tiles, colored pebbles and pieces of glass.artwork furniture ideas 18

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artwork furniture ideas 23This beautiful Turkish mosaic art design dining table is perfect for your indoors and outdoor as well. This geometric design dominates with the circular pattern combined with the bits of squares and rectangles. The blue color is giving it royal and elegant feel. To build this mosaic needs a bit of practice and geometric accuracy.

artwork furniture ideas 12Make this beautiful and delicate garden table out of your printed left out ceramic tiles. This mosaic represents, delicacy and feminine nature portrayed in the rose and flowers printed in circular designs on the corner. The pastel colors are enhancing the softness and innocence in the design.

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artwork furniture ideas 5Here is this awesome design for the ones who love colors and want to give their home a lively feel. This beautiful piece of art involves the combination of various colors of ceramic tiles. The color palette is close to nature and exhibits forest theme.

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