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60 Creative Ideas for Wood Pallet Reusing

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60 Creative Ideas for Wood Pallet Reusing - Part 2

Now you need not to spend huge amount of money on building a lavish bar at your home. You can get that impact in just no money, using a bit of your wood crafting skills and lending some time. The wooden pallet shelf can be easily used as a kitchen cupboard and a small bar to entertain your guests. The look is antique, traditional and rustic. pallet wardrobe

This pallet wood DIY idea is amazing and unique for your sitting arrangement at your terrace or balcony. This is actually made out of pallet wood dismantled planks and then used as a base or floor for the sitting arrangement. The wooden platform has been given this stunning under-lit effect. The overall environment is ethereal and heavenly. pallets deck floor idea

Build for your children a separate, nice and bright corner garden with sitting arrangement. Children always feel good when they are given importance and recognition. So, make your children happy with providing them a space of their own in the backyard or front lawn to sit, enjoy or play. You can add more of small furniture and playing area. pallets ideas for garden

Give your garden a unique touch and build this lemonade stall to inspire and amaze your guests. This will entertain your guests and you can also enjoy the impact it will have on your outdoor setting. You can use pallet wood and wooden crates to form this lemonade counter. pallets ideas for kids

Your garden will always be incomplete without something to entertain the young ones. Children are gifts of nature and represents the carefree spirit and colors of life. Entertain and make them happy with this DIY wooden pallet playhouse. This will be a wonderful retreat for them to enjoy and play with their mates. You can add slide, swing or anything of their interest to this play house.

pallets made kids playhouse

This DIY cupboard or Almira is a perfect in design and the best alternative to heavy and expensive cupboards. The rustic, antique and traditional style of this Almira will perfectly match with the bedroom having traditional interior. The cupboard has provision of hanger rod, drawers and an added section. The rope pull handles are enhancing its overall look.

pallets wardrobe

Wooden pallets never disappoints when it comes of decorating and adorning your outdoor area, whether it be your spacious garden, a small front lawn or backyard, a patio, balcony or terrace. It goes well in every kind of area and space. If you have a blank, dull and boring wall surrounding your patio, then you can add pallets and crate planters for warmth and color. pallets wall decor planter idea

If you have small space and you do not want to increase the number of walls then do it with uniqueness and style. You can use pallet wood curtains and separators to achieve your desired look or requirement. These white painted pallet wood separators can be placed any where at your home.

pallets room divider


pallets recycled table

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