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80 Ideas for Pallet Wood Repurposing

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80 Ideas for Pallet Wood Repurposing - Part 5

Here is a unique and jaw dropping awesome DIY pallet wood idea for your lawn, powder room or dressing room. It is traditional as well as contemporary. This pallet wood vanity and mirror can add grand and royal look to your dressing room or lawn. This can be used for decorative purpose or even can be used for the portrayed purpose.

rustic pallet sink

rustic pallet wall art

Pallet wood can simply be turned into these spacious book shelves in almost no time and cost. As shown in the picture, place the pallets vertically with the wall and nail them . Paint them with the color you like and place your books and other decorative stuff.simple idea for pallet bookshelf

Turn the planks of pallet wood into this amazing DIY suspended couch idea. Its unique and trendy as well as antique and traditional. You can enjoy the evening tea in your balcony, terrace or front lawn. It can be even installed in your lounge or living area. You will surely like it!simple pallet swing

simple pallet tv stand

vintage pallet wall art

wall art with pallets

wood pallet entryway table

You haven’t seen a whole kitchen built with pallet wood planks. Its amazing as well as lighter on budget, but have an equal impact on utility and aesthetics, when compared to the other formal options. You can add more features in it according to your requirements and availability of space.

wood pallet kitchen

Parents really are very concerned when the question comes of decorating the room for their young ones. They want comfort combined with cuteness and liveliness. This amazing DIY pallet wood toddler aboard is perfect for your little cutie pie. Its a small cottage theme, with sleeping space beneath and provision of mattress on top of it too. You can customize this theme into the one you adore.

wood pallet playhouse cum bunk bed

When you have space and you are looking for more sitting furniture then this DIY pallet wood L-shape backless sofa is the best option. It breaks the norm of accommodating heavy couches with big back supports. Its simple and airy. The white paint and cool blue cushions are adding to the calm atmosphere. The provision of glass top side corner adds to its utility. wood pallet seating idea

wood pallet sink idea

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