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Creative Home Flooring Ideas with Reused Pallets

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Pallet wood is made up of various kind of wood as per the industrial requirement. That can be oak, pine, poplar, spruce and other kinds. But, for sure, pallets are designed and attached in special ways to bear heavy loads. They are even nailed with special nails to carry the weight. Hence, pallet wood is perfect for up cycling and there is no end to the ideas and creativity you can go using pallet wood. People think that pallet wood floors are suitable for garages, basements, garden decks, cellars, but we tell you they are equally suitable for your home. Just a bit of finishing is required and you will forget those expensive flooring and laminates. Lets take a look.

Creative Home Flooring Ideas with Reused Pallets

Take a look at this awesome pallet wood floor. The pallets are dismantled into narrow and sleek planks. The planks are then arranged in a square pattern running through out the room towards a center. You can intelligently infuse light and dark wooden planks.

recycled wood pallet floor 17

This beautiful and rustic pallet wood floor will surely grab everyone’s attention. In this kind of floor you meed to dismantle the pallets into wider planks but lesser in length. Arrange them in rather a rough kind of pattern to enhance the rustic feel. Again combine light and dark tones.

recycled wood pallet floor 14

This pallet wood floor is rather more refined in texture as well as pattern. But, the effect is overwhelming. You need to dismantle the pallets into narrow planks and arrange them in nice and tidy squares. You can cover the whole room or can make a central platform also.

recycled wood pallet floor 3

Here we have this awesome pallet wood kitchen floor nicely polished and finished in dark colors. The planks need to be properly finished with sand paper. You can combine two or three tones of mohagony to make it more interesting.

recycled wood pallet floor 18

This exotic pallet wood floor is perfect for a lounge or living room. This pallet wood floor design is warm, cozy and spurs a feeling of togetherness. It is nicely polished and narrow planks are perfectly joined for a greater impact.

wood pallet floor

Look at tis awesome and unique pallet wood floor design idea. We have said that there is no end to the creativity. You can play with your imagination and invent different patterns. This zig zag pattern is nice and contemporary.

recycled wood pallet floor 11


recycled wood pallet floor 9

Dark wooden pallets will never let you down in any way. Whether you are building furniture, decorative items or floors they always do well every where. This dark pallet wood floor is giving a feeling of warmth to this living room. But it is good to use dark tones in huge areas not in small spaces.

recycled wood pallet floor 6


recycled wood pallet floor 15


recycled wood pallet floor 13


recycled wood pallet floor 4


recycled wood pallet floor 19


recycled wood pallet floor


recycled wood pallet floor 16

It is always good to experiment with pallet wood floor patterns.You have room to combine and merge various patterns and designs in your home. As you can see in the picture below, the corridor cum hall way has a V pattern floor but the sitting area is adorned with  simple parallel nailed planks.

recycled wood pallet floor 5


recycled wood pallet floor 7


recycled wood pallet floor 10


recycled wood pallet floor 12


recycled wood pallet floor 2