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50 DIY Ideas for Wood Pallet Dog Beds

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What on earth you cannot build with pallet wood. From intricate decorative items to indoor and outdoor furniture, flooring, wall cladding and even building a whole pallet wood house. Pallet wood is best for almost everything. You get the warm and welcoming feel of wood without spending considerable amount of money. We all love to have pets at our home and one of the most famous pets is man’s most loyal friend that is of course, DOG. We all love our dogs as we love our family members. So, here we have some amazing pallet wood dog bed ideas to  make your friend feel special and make him more comfortable.

50 DIY Ideas for Wood Pallet Dog Beds

Look at this amazing pallet wood bunk bed for both of your lovely doggys. The design is simple yet elegant. Thee beds are lined up with comfy mattress. Make sure that the stairs for upper bed are good and comfortable for your pup to use. The lower bed is bigger to cater to your big doggy’s needs.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 19

Yet another pallet wood dog bed stunner design! This simple and rustic pallet wood dog bed is perfect for two of your dog pets. The upper platform must not be much higher, so that your li’l pup can easily climb to take rest. You can paint this dog bed into soothing colors.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 25

Here we have this amazing multi purpose pallet wood dog bed that is yet fit for a king! This awesome pallet wood dog bed can be used for spending time outdoors. The back support makes it more comfy. The feeding bowls in the arms of the dog bed gives you the utility to save space and material.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 27

This pallet wood dog bed is not just a simple dog bed but a whole unit to meet the needs of your canine friend. This is huge and spacious. The sleeping area is super comfy with space to cater multiple dogs. The feeding bowls are neatly attached and can cater to your pet’s needs reasonably.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 30

This small pallet wood dog bed is perfect for your little pup. You just need to add a comfy mattress and there you go. The two feeding bowls are attached to the base of the first step. It is good to be kept in small space.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 36

This simple yet stylish and contemporary designed pallet wood dog bed is allowing your dog to have an airy aboard and comfy space to sleep. This again can be made bigger or small according to your dog’s size. Make it comfortable with a big fluffy cushion and a soft blanket. What else a dog need?

wooden pallet dog bed idea 33

This crate inspired simple and rustic pallet wood dog be is goo for outdoor as well as indoor use. The make is bold and durable. The sides are nicely secured and the front is kept open from the center to allow nu-hindered movement. You can add your doggy’s name tag to customize it.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 41

This nice and simple pallet wood dog bed is inspired from the sky scrapers inspired surroundings. It is easy and elegant. You can place it indoor, however, it is more appropriate for outdoor patios. It is better not to paint it and keep its rustic character alive.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 39

This pallet wood dog bed is safe secure and comfortable for your canine friend. Three sides are kept closed and one is open for moving out of the bed. This is low in height, making it more comfortable and accessible. The bright upholstery will surely attract your pet’s aesthetic sense.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 45

Here we have this interesting and unique dog bed idea which is comfortable and attractive too. Its in shape of a wooden tub. You can assemble the planks of pallets or can recycle the old wooden tubs in such a way. Place a nice and comfortable cushion for your pet’s comfort and you can use it indoor as well as outdoor.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 46

This simple yet nicely designed pallet wood dog bed is easy to carry and comfortable for your doggy. It is in shape of an arm chair which brings interesting element to its design. The hut shaped back of the bed makes it a kind of kingly treasure.

wooden pallet dog bed idea

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