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50 DIY Ideas for Wood Pallet Dog Beds

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50 DIY Ideas for Wood Pallet Dog Beds - Part 3

We may not be exaggerating if we call it the finest pallet wood dog bed. Its simple yet beautiful. The pallet wood planks are neatly cleaned and polished, afterwards nailed in the cleanest fashion. You may finish it off with the royal crimson blanket and this is a masterpiece fit for a King!

wooden pallet dog bed idea 49

If you want to be playful with the design of pallet wood dog beds than you can try this one in the picture below. The fence inspired back of the dog bed is making it more secure and nice.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 40

If you are interested in doing something different and out of box then try this pallet wood dog bed cum bench. This is spacious and can cater to the needs of your multiple dogs and you can also use it as normal bench while playing with your pets.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 42

There we have nice and traditional beautiful pallet wood dog beds inspired from crate design. You can build them in different sizes as per your need. The drawer under the bed serves multiple purposes. You can keep your doggy’s blanket or other belongings separately and nicely.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 43

These are also simple pallet wood crate inspired dog beds, nicely carved in the middle for space to enter. These are perfect for outdoor resting.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 44

This nice and cute pallet wood dog bed is cozy and have bold character. It is like a fortress for your doggy. Its huge and offers your doggy to move in his/her bed freely. The red color makes it interesting and attractive.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 38

This multipurpose pallet wood dog bed will save you space and money. The feeding bowls of your puppy and the bed are infused in one but still separate. Its easy to handle and clean. The structure is simple and stylish.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 37

This black pallet wood bed is not just a pet bed but a style statement. You can play with your creative instincts and do wonders. the nice quote, showing love for your doggy is beautifully inscribed on the bed. The handles a re added for ease to carry the bed anywhere.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 35

Here is another cute and lovely pallet wood dog bed. This shows your love for your lovely little cute pup. This pink and white bed is adorable in all ways. You can carve or paint your doggy’s name on the bed for more personalized feel.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 34

You will surely gonna love this traditional style of royal sleeping master piece for your lovely little dog. Its breathtakingly beautiful and different. The bed has been made out of pallet wood crate finished and polished nicely. However, its rustic look has been retained perfectly. The beautiful Victorian carving is actually the basic factor behind its stunning look.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 32

This beautiful pallet wood dog bed is more like a couch, therefore, can easily cater to the needs of your bigger dog. Its simple in design yet adorable. A couple of bones, canine favorite treat carved on the back brings a funky element to its design.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 31

This platform pallet wood dog bed is all time favorite and space friendly too. This is multipurpose as you save the space for feeding area. It is all in one dog bed set. The fence like edges of bed makes it more safe and secure.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 23

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