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50 DIY Ideas for Wood Pallet Dog Beds

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50 DIY Ideas for Wood Pallet Dog Beds - Part 2

Look at this amazing pallet wood bunk bed for your pets. Its amazingly nice, simple and easy to assemble. There are no complexities in its structure. This will save you space and money. Just add fluffy cushions for adding comfort to the hard surface. Your dogs will surely love it.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 14

Here we have another simple pallet wood dog bed design. It is quite easy to assemble and the output is really awesome. The pallet wood base is kept intact and the three sides are nailed with pallet wood planks of irregular length. This is a simple yet classy dog bed.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 15

Utilizing the boring and useless corners of your home into purposeful aboard for your lovely little cute friend is not a bad idea at all. Build a nice pallet wood corner dog bed. This beautiful grey painted pallet wood bed is the finest of all. Make it comfortable with soft fleece blankets.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 47

This beautiful pallet wood dog bed will take your love for your doggy a level up. This amazing design is really cute and comfy. The color is bold and the round wooden balls at corners make it look grand and adorable at the same time. You can the wooden carved alphabet blocks and nail the name of your pet to make it more personalized and cute.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 9

If you have a big dog then this pallet wood bed is perfect for your friend. Just make it more secure and safe by adding pallet wood sides with the base. Place a soft and comfortable cushion and there you go.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 10

If you have multiple dogs and all are nice with each other then you can make a big pallet wood bed for your little cuties. Its nice and beautiful. The sides are secured by building long fence-like structure and at the front, an open space is left between two small triangles to allow free movement. You may paint the names of your doggies to make it more interesting.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 11

If you are a busy person and want a simple dog bed then just follow the steps in the picture below and build this reasonable dog bed for your lovely pet dog. You can paint it in your favorite color and bring interesting element to it.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 12

This crate shaped pallet wood dog bed is rustic, unique and nice for your lovely pet. You can turn any pallet wood crate into such a beautiful dog bed. Take a crate, clean it and cut out some space for your doggy to move in, polish it and here you go.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 13

Bunk beds are always interesting and fun to be at your home, whether they be for your kids or for your cute pet doggies. This amazing bunk bed has been built all out of pallet wood base and planks. The stair case allows the ease of access and you save space too.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 7

Here we have this simple yet purposeful pallet wood dog bed. This crate style pallet wood dog bed is rustic and spacious. You just have to add a comfy mattress for your doggy to have a sound sleep.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 6

Look at this amazing and adorable pallet wood bed for your cute little doggy. The lining on the sides of bed ensures security and safety of your doggy. The light violet hue is giving it a heavenly and cutest feel.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 51

This adorable couple of beds is fittest for your small little pups. You can customize the size according to your need. The pallet wood beds a re rustic yet elegant. The walls of one of the beds are kept higher to give your doggy feeling of safety and security.

wooden pallet dog bed idea 50

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