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Awesome Ideas for Wood Pallets Made Bars

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Awesome Ideas for Wood Pallets Made Bars - Part 2

Another amazing backyard pallet wood beverage bar idea. This can be also alternatively used as a backyard kitchen top. You just need to nail together a couple of big pallets and a nice and clean counter top. You can also customize the look and add an interesting quotation or image on the front. this will make your bar more colorful, lively and interesting.

recycled wood pallet bar plan

We have another small yet awesome beverage bar design made out of pallet wood. This is neatly and nicely done with white paint at the base and beautiful bronze wooden counter top with lustrous and clean finish. The front tags are giving it unique and interesting character. the burnt bar board with a horseshoe is always fit for a bar. The old fashioned name plate is also enhancing style.

recycled pallet bar

This backyard pallet wood beverage bar is so beautifully merged into the exterior of the house that you may think that this was always there as part of house from very beginning. The tone of the pallet wood is matched with the color of bricks and the wooden roof. A bit of straws in the roof gives the bar a tropical feel. Again tag at the front is giving a nice feel.

pallets made bar

This is a small pallet wood beverage bar that can be used in multiple ways if you ever want to reuse it. you will not have to do a bit of change even. This nice hallway table design is perfect for a small beverage bar too. You can save space too.

reused pallet bar


repurposed pallet bar

This beautiful and rather more of a homely kind of pallet wood beverage bar is all time favorite. Its nice and tidy as well as casual in style. The decorations and confetti kills the boredom and simplicity of wooden planks, making it more lively and awesome. The nicely polished bar stools are completing the whole picture.

recycled wooden pallet bar

If you a re a person who loves grand and awesome stuff then opt for this lovely and simple pallet wood beverage bar design. this is grand and luxurious. It is fit for larger spaces, whether indoor or outdoor. You need to build a big background wall for your bar all of pallet wood. make the front counter with several wooden pallets piled up on each other. covered with smooth sheet of ply wood as counter top. Don’t forget to add carved inscriptions.

pallets bar 14


pallets bar 15

Tropical and Tiki bars never go out of fashion. You can infuse a lot of innovation in it. However the more traditional, more style it bears. This pallet wood tropical beach style bar is a never failing design. You just need to nail together the cleaned pallet wood planks. You need a rustic piece of wood as a sign board for your bar with any inscription you love.

pallets bar 17

This might be the loveliest Beverage bar design idea you will have come across. Its simple yet fit for your garden party or your outdoor birthday party. This amazing tiki bar is colorful, all loaded with feasts and natural tropical treats. You will love each and every item on the pallet wood tiki bar.

pallets bar 18

When we talk of natural and organic then the nice feel and rustic aura surrounds us. Whether you are up to setting a stall in an expo or building up a beverage bar for your home. You can experiment this huge rustic bar room made up of pallets. This will surely lure your guests and they will appreciate your effort and unique idea.

pallets bar 19

Think of a beverage bar that you can take anywhere with you! There you have this nice simple pallet wood mobile beverage bar on wheels. You can take it anywhere tied behind your vehicle. You can now enjoy your drink anywhere you want.

pallets bar 20

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