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Awesome Ideas for Wood Pallets Made Bars

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Awesome Ideas for Wood Pallets Made Bars - Part 3

Another nice and rustic pallet wood beverage bar design for your front or backyard. This has a nice and neat roof with a nice quotation plate hanging in the corner, makes it a simple yet elegant bar. The round bar stools a re breaking the monotony of straight lined structure.

pallets bar 21

Here we have another counter top idea of beverage bar all made up of pallet wood. However, as far as the top is concerned it is supposed to be smooth and clean. Therefore a nice and smooth wooden ply is recommended for better results. The base can be easily assembled all of pallet wood planks in a nice and rustic way.

recycled wooden pallet bar plan

Another awesome and economical backyard pallet wood beverage bar idea. This has a nice and narrow counter with vertical pallet wood bars attached in style, with space in between each bar to give a more clean and spacious look. The bar has a pallet wood wall shelf in the rear to place bottles and other accessories.

recycled wood pallet bar

This small pallet wood beverage bar is neat and nice and can be easily placed in any corner of your house. You can also install it in your patio or garden to enjoy your favorite drinks. The top is nicely polished and cleaned well to have a luxurious bar look.

pallets bar

This beautiful pallet wood beverage bar can be easily inculcated in your lounge or kitchen or anywhere in your home. Its shape is unique and interesting. It is a tilted L-shape with more elaborate corner. The base of the bar is kept rustic and original, however, the counter top is smooth and glossy.

Pallet Bar 2

If you are not interested in huge structures and grand beverage bars then you can opt for this simplest pallet wood beverage bar design. That is not actually a bar but a kind of bar table that can hold your glasses and beverages. You may use this small installment just for beverage serving. This can be fixed or movable, as per your requirement.

pallet bar for patio

Instead of having bar counters and a commercial kind of beverage bar, you can opt for this more personalized and homely pallet wood beverage bar. It is a wooden table with  a couple of bar stools to enjoy an intimate drink or a friendly chat on a drink with your friends. It is rustic and beautiful. The white painted pallets are placed with the top of clay brick tiles.

pallet bar idea

This lovely beverage bar design can never disappoint you. This is wonderful and fantastic, takes you into a nice dreamy world. The hut styled roof of the bar and counter is perfect for outdoor installation. You can paint the pallets in any color you want. Here we have this nice neutral grey, with a hint of shocking pink planter to break the boredom and dullness.

pallet bar plan

This is more of a pallet wood beverage rack rather than a bar. It is again a design which breaks the norm of other counter style bars. It is a kind of cupboard or table to hold your bottles and glasses. You can complement it with some bar stools or chairs. The original and genuine stained pallet wood is giving a nice and rustic look.

pallet bar project

This brightly painted pallet wood beverage bar is perfect for your balcony or terrace area. This is a kind of platform bar design which is different from the traditional counter top bar styles. This can be also used for other purposes whenever you want to reuse or re purpose it. The top of the table is painted in glossy red to give it a neat and clean finish.

pallet bars

Here we have an interesting and funky pallet wood beverage idea for your outdoor garden area. This is nice and rustic. The pallet wood is kept in its natural grain and texture. The front pallet has been painted into The U.S Flag and has been placed with a little tilt. This makes the bar colorful and interesting. The umbrella on the side will protect the bar from rain and sunlight.

pallet flaged bar

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