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Awesome Ideas for Wood Pallets Made Bars

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Awesome Ideas for Wood Pallets Made Bars - Part 4

This awesome and stylish pallet wood beverage counter will brighten up your area. It is simple yet its beauty is in the perfectly arranged pallet wood planks, nailed horizontally in various tones. The pallet planks are given nice and dark tones of green, red, yellow, brown and grey for an added class and impact. The counter top is again an clean and smooth ply.

Pallet Bar 12

Here comes again an awesome and spacious pallet wood tiki bar design for your outdoor. This bar is covered from all four sides with a small cut off passage to enter. The pallets a re neatly and nicely arranged to form the base of the structure. The roof is elevated with wooden sticks frame with straw roof. The straw roof is giving the bar a nice tropical feel.

Pallet Bar 11

Here we have an elegant and classy pallet wood beverage bar design for your garden area. It is a small counter with pallet wood plank top. The counter has shelves in the inner side to hold glasses and bottles. The grooves and spaces in the pallets can be easily used as bottle racks. The whole counter is painted in classy dark green and maroon colour.

Pallet Bar 10

This cute and colorful pallet wood beverage bar design is for those who love to have lively and rocking time in the outdoor garden area. This whole installation is actually an out house in the garden with a funky pallet wood bar to have fun and party with friends and family. The area can be nicely decorated with the lights and confetti. This elaborate pallet wood chair is another nice addition to the whole installation.

Pallet Bar 9

This amazing and unique pallet wood beverage bar is small yet wholesome and elaborate. It can cater to your beverage bottles in its shelves at the base and have a stand on the top to hold glasses as well as other accessories. This will make a nice and bold statement at your home or in the outdoor garden.

Pallet Bar 8

This neat and tidy pallet wood beverage bar is best for your front or backyard. It is without a roof. you can add an umbrella to prevent rain and sunlight. However, it is a funky design with pirate theme. The color also matches the theme as the whole installation is painted in sea blue, navy blue and white paint.

Pallet Bar 7

This pallet wood beverage bar counter is classy and elegant. The base has been made out of rustic pallet wood planks nailed together horizontally. The counter top is clear, nice and shiny black marble. The pallet wood bar has been complemented with contemporary round metallic pipe bar stools for an addition retro look and style.

Pallet Bar 6

Here we have the unique most pallet wood bar idea for the ones who love to experiment and play with creative styles. This pallet wood bar is perfect for any party and celebrations. this will surely entertain your guests to the fullest with unlimited self served drinks. You just have to install drink dispensers into the pallet wood bar installation.

Pallet Bar 5

And what an amazing pallet wood beverage counter idea it is! You can make your bar interesting and attractive by adding a fish aquarium in the base. The nice brown wood and blue water in the aquarium will surely be a treat to the eye. this will be an awesome decorative idea for your bar.

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